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This is one of Europe's last great wildernesses, Scandinavia is a realm of epic contrasts, where ancient mountains meet lush forest and the land is torn by both ice and fire.

Nordic Wild follows the lives of Nordic animals in stunning HD as they battle against the elements.

Nordic Wild: Reborn
As the bitter Arctic winter loosens its grip, Scandinavia's young animals explore their home. But the gentler seasons won't last long; these bear and fox cubs, barnacle goose chicks and young owls are going to have to grow up fast.

Nordic Wild: Furious Life
Autumn on the tundra is mating season for the mighty musk oxen - shaggy giants colliding at speeds of up to 40 kilometres per hour as females wait for the victor. Elk, capercaillie and dear also battle for opportunities to breed.

Nordic Wild: At the Edge
For some of the North's inhabitants, such as Sweden's sea eagles, the frozen seas of winter make hunting hard. But for others, like the majestic polar bears, summer and the melting ice make for hard and hungry times.

Nordic Wild: Ultimate Survivors
Life in Scandinavia isn't easy, but its animals have strategies for survival. The Arctic fox conserves heat brilliantly, and is furry down to the soles of its feet. Meanwhile, on Iceland, a tough breed of horse has evolved to thrive in harsh conditions.



  • Nordic Wild: Reborn
    Scandinavia is thawing, longer days and warmer weather is transforming the land. These gentle seasons will be over all too soon for new arrivals.
  • Nordic Wild: Furious Life
    Little grows in the unforgiving landscape of the Arctic tundra. But surprisingly there is life here - big life - battling against the elements and thriving against all odds.
  • Nordic Wild: At The Edge
    Time and tide shape the land and the lives of the creatures that live along the shores. It is a world of ceaseless change, in which animals live - literally - on the edge.
  • Nordic Wild: Ultimate Survivors
    Scandinavia is full of challenges with extreme weather and unstable landscapes but animals have evolved their diverse strategies to survive.