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  • Premieres Thursday December 17th at 9pm, 8pm BKK/JKT
  • National Geographic Channel


'Planes That Changed the World' tells the fascinating stories of three of the most iconic and influential planes of the last century - the SR-71 Blackbird spyplane, the DC-3 Gooney Bird and the Airbus A380 SuperJumbo. Aircraft that have come to epitomise the perseverance, ingenuity and visionary leadership of the men and women who designed, built and flew them.

Told through the people who made it all happen and combining dramatic re-enactment of first-hand testimony with original archive, we follow every twist and turn of the planes' origins, innovative design and life in service to reveal the stories of passion, of derring-do and of true grit and determination that made our world the way it is today. 

'Planes That Changed the World' reflects our human spirit and proves what we can achieve when we rise to conquer a seemingly impossible challenge.


  • Planes That Changed the World: Airbus A380 Superjumbo
    The Airbus A380; the largest commercial airliner in history. It's tall as a 7 story building, has two full-width decks, and is certified to carry over 850 passengers. But getting this Super Jumbo into the skies was a gargantuan challenge in itself, taking nearly 20 years and costing billions of dollars.
  • Planes That Changed the World: Dc-3 Gooney Bird
    The DC-3 was a linchpin of global air travel and became the holy grail of aviation design. In its heyday, this masterpiece of engineering carried more people, used less fuel, and made airlines a profit as the must-have airplane in the 1930s and 40s. Just six years after its launch, the DC-3 sparked an explosive six-fold growth in US passenger miles. The plane was also an important war-winning weapon. During World War II, under its new military guise C-47 and nickname Gooney Bird, it delivered troops into battle and recovered casualties. The Gooney Bird also came to the rescue during the Cold War by flying in thousands tons of food and supplies to Allied-controlled Berlin. It was an airlift of unprecedented scale and ultimately broke the blockade. The DC-3's longevity is a testament to great design as 400 DC-3s are still flying today - the only pre-war aircraft still flying commercially. This is the remarkable story of the DC-3.
  • Planes That Changed the World: Sr-71 Blackbird
    The story of how visionary geniuses from the top-secret Skunk Works, rewrote the rule-book to create a plane that was 'all miracles'. The SR71 Blackbird - the world's first stealth spyplane. And the fastest, highest-flying manned airplane in the world.