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    • Crocs of the Caribbean show

      Crocs of the Caribbean

      We may know the Caribbean Islands as a paradise of sandy beaches and clear warm waters, but beyond the tranquility is an...

    • Dr. K's Exotic Animal ER: Jurassic Clinic show

      Dr. K's Exotic Animal ER: Jurassic Clinic

      At Dr. K’s, reptile patients are regulars. These shelled and scaly pets are just as loved as the furry ones, and they get...

    • Dragon Island show

      Dragon Island

      There is an island where dragons still roam. A Jurassic type underworld where ancient warlords still rule. Where they fight...

    • Outback Wrangler S4 Compilations show

      Outback Wrangler S4 Compilations

      In Australia’s Northern Territory, Saltwater Crocodiles have had time to grow! Protecting them is dangerous work but danger...