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Wouldn't it be great if houseplants could tell us when they needed feeding? Well students in New York have developed a way to find out.  Discover their findings in Plantzilla.

By putting sensors in potted plants these students can literally phone home to ask for a drink! Such a system could be used in vineyards around the world to help with crop yields and is just one of the secrets revealed by scientists and experts in this absorbing film.

Plants have thrived on Earth for millions of years and their remarkable sensory capabilities have helped them prosper - both as self-defence experts and resourceful predators. See some amazing stories, from the amazing acacia capable of mobilising ants to protect itself, to the carnivorous plants' range of sneaky tactics to trap their unsuspecting prey, find out how plants battle against the odds to continue their journey through life.

This programme also takes a look at the rise of human intervention and the potential impact of new technology on the future of farming, this captivating programme offers an insight into the unknown side of flora.




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    Plants and flowers are starting to talk back...see their remarkable sensory capabilities.

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