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  • Poh & Co

  • Premieres Friday October 16th at 9:20pm, 8:20pm BKK/JKT
  • Nat Geo People


Making and sharing delicious meals is about to become even more important in Poh's fascinating world of business pursuits, artistic dreams and fun adventures with family and friends. That's because her passion for food is so natural and boundless that of course it's going to come into play when she decides to get more order and balance in her world. Creating an edible garden is high on the agenda, for example, as is becoming a successful purveyor of home-cooked delicacies.


  • Poh & Co: Ep 1
    Poh has always dreamed of having an edible garden so when she and husband Jono decide to speed up the process of converting their house into a home they start outdoors.
  • Poh & Co: Ep 1
    Poh cooks the most delicious baked lamb before sharing her girl guide's answer to roasting marshmallows.
  • Poh & Co: Ep 2
    Poh and her best friend Sarah have dreamt about opening their own market food stall since their days together at art school, and now that its a reality they are constantly experimenting with new dishes.
  • Poh & Co: Ep 2
    We revisit Adelaide's Farmers Market and discover Poh and her team of foodies have expanded their stall from 1 tent to 5!
  • Poh & Co: Ep 3
    Poh learns how to make Chinese zong dumplings from her mother, visits a biodynamic farm and finds out what its like to work a shift in the kitchen of Andre Ursinis busy restaurant.
  • Poh & Co: Ep 3
    Seasickness takes hold but Poh makes it to a beach and cooks up a magnificent seafood salad from freshly-caught squid and homegrown veggies.
  • Poh & Co: Ep 4
    The front yard is ready for planting at last and Poh and Jono choose a big range of plants at the nursery, meet an adventurous young chef, then get some help from their friends and neighbours.
  • Poh & Co: Ep 4
    Poh and her bestie Sara develop three unique ice cream flavours, and go on a road trip in an attempt to break into the ice cream business.
  • Poh & Co: Ep 5
    Poh and Jono start building an outdoor wood-fired oven and it is the perfect excuse for Poh to learn to make pizza the Italian way. The pair later escapes to the gorgeous beach at Port Willunga, south of Adelaide.
  • Poh & Co: Ep 5
    Poh creates the world's most colourful birthday cake for her nephew's party - a multi-layered rainbow smarty cake.
  • Poh & Co: Ep 6
    The garden is nearing completion and Poh and Jono decide to have a party to say "thank you" to everyone who helped and to christen the new pizza oven. Fast forward three months and Poh is very excited to be cooking with her first crop of tomatoes.
  • Poh & Co: Ep 6
    Poh cooks up her favorite brownie recipe and hosts a memorial tea in honor of her first-ever Scottie dog, Zed.
  • Poh & Co: Ep 7
    To run a successful café, she and Jono must design and create a magical place in a tiny little space so they head home and start building.
  • Poh & Co: Ep 8
    Jono and the lads are rushing to fit their Central Market café. It's heavy bloke's work so Poh leaves them and joins Andre on a food adventure.
  • Poh & Co: Ep 9
    It's opening day at the Central Market Café and Poh, Jono, Matt and Sara are apprehensive, nervous and excited.
  • Poh & Co: Ep 10
    This two-part bite size series features the best of the nine-part series, Poh & Co. Season 2 , divided into Sweet and Savoury.
  • Poh & Co: Ep 11
    Poh & Co. series 2, catches up with Poh and her fun-loving family as they navigate life in the Adelaide suburbs with loads of new laughs.