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  • Premieres Monday November 10th at 8:40pm, 7:40pm BKK/JKT
  • Nat Geo Wild


Experienced outdoorsmen, hunters and trackers, Cory Valdes, Jason Lesmeister, Rob Hardy, and Puma Ghost Walker guard men and women working on the edge of society, protecting them from the dangers of the wilderness – especially deadly predators and large, unpredictable animals. The most important tool that each expert carries with him is an in depth knowledge of animal behavior. The experts are also equipped with more practical tools, beginning with non-lethal gadgets to rid a camp of a threatening animal. The goal is always to condition and convince an animal that being near a remote work camp is not a place he wants to be. Non-lethal tools include loud noisemakers like air horns, whistling flares, flash bang grenades, and shot gun firecracker shells. If a situation escalates, the experts may resort to rubber bullets or pepper spray. None of these men want to punish a wild animal for doing what it naturally does, but if it came down to a life or death situation, they all agree that it will not be they or their clients who will be the ones to die. Various rifles, pistols, and shotguns are always by their sides, loaded and ready to use at a moment’s notice. To date, none of our experts have had to kill an animal on a job. They have always figured out clever, non-lethal ways to scare the threatening animals off.


  • Predator Patrol: Bear In Sight
    Animal guardians Cory Valdes, Jason Lesmeister, Roudy Roudebush and Rob Hardy help protect those working on the edge of society and teach them how to coexist with dangerous predators. In this episode, Jason travels to Haines, Alaska to help a mining camp that has caught the interest of a bear, eventually leading to Jason coming face-to-face with a grizzly. Meanwhile in Peru, a logging camp hires Cory to carefully study the dense, rainforest terrain to determine if the workers reside in a jaguar's hunting ground. The unforgiving jungles are filled with deadly animals, so Cory has to use every survival skill he knows. Finally, Roudy and Rob journey to Telluride, Colorado to map out every black bear den for a logging company; however, the risks of being separated and altitude sickness transform this job into a treacherous adventure.
  • Predator Patrol: Buffalo Stampede
    Animal guard Cory Valdes treks deep into the Belize jungle to clear a cave site of deadly snakes before an archeological team arrives to begin their research. Meanwhile, near the badlands of South Dakota, Jason Lesmeister is tasked with helping a wildlife photographer get unique, close-range photos of one of the most powerful land mammal in America: bison. Jason and his client try to remain out of danger, but it's not long before they find themselves amidst a stampede of hundreds of buffalo. Finally, in Santa Cruz, California, Rob Hardy and Puma Ghostwalker are called to a tree service company to investigate a mountain lion spotted several times on the work site. Rob and Puma are afraid the mountain lion may be malnourished, and must track the animal in order to determine if this is the case. Later, they help advise the tree service so that they can work without disturbing the mountain lion in it's habitat.
  • Predator Patrol: Wolf Watch
    Rob and Puma volunteer to help the New Mexico Game and Fish Department track a mountain lion that could pose a threat to a bighorn sheep reintroduction program. In Costa Rica, Cory must stop a jaguar that threatens a farmers livestock. And in Minnesota, Jason and his client get a front row seat to wolf activity in the area.
  • Predator Patrol: Death Roll
    Cory Valdes is called by Juan Bolanos to a fish hatchery near Canas, Costa Rica where workers are being threatened by the presence of crocodiles. Juan would like to pick Corys brain for suggestions on how to deal with the situation as crocodiles are constantly slipping into the hatchery. After assessing the problem, Cory has no solution; but when he reports back to Juan, their conversation is interrupted as a new crocodile is spotted in one of his ponds. Cory rushes with him back to the hatchery to help Juans team remove the crocodile from the water and relocate it. Meanwhile, Jason Lesmeister is called to a cattle ranch in South Dakota where a rancher believes his livestock is being hunted by a mountain lion. After gathering evidence and successfully tracking the lion down, Jason waits for nightfall to scare it off the property. And finally, Rob Hardy and Puma Ghostwalker meet with a pair of beekeepers in Central Florida, whose hives were raided by a black bear. They place an electric fence around the hives and begin tracking the bear with the intention of scaring it away from the hives.
  • Predator Patrol: Wild Boar Rampage
    Rob and Puma help a man who has spotted several black bears around a tourist site he owns. In Alaska, Jason travels to the edge of the Beaufort Sea to prevent polar bears from entering a remote village. And in the Bahamas, Cory tracks a wild boar that is threatening a local farmers livelihood.
  • Predator Patrol: Bear Alert
    In Montana, Jason and his client come face-to-face with a mountain lion while marking trees infested with the mountain pine beetle. Cory treks through the Ecuador jungle on the trail of a rare Andean bear. And in Pennsylvania, Rob and Puma help a resort locate black bear dens in the area.



  • Fear of Humans photo

    Fear of Humans

    Jason is trying to condition a mountain lion to be afraid of humans by shooting a flare gun.

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