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National Geographic Society
National GeographicNat Geo WildNat Geo People

  • Premieres Monday November 10th at 8:40pm, 7:40pm BKK/JKT
  • Nat Geo Wild

    • Fear of Humans show

      Fear of Humans

      Jason is trying to condition a mountain lion to be afraid of humans by shooting a flare gun.

    • Bear Tracks show

      Bear Tracks

      Jason is hired to help track a bear that keeps entering a remote mining camp.

    • Who’s Stalking Who show

      Who’s Stalking Who

      In order to get a close up shot of the herd, a cameraman uses a buffalo hide to travel undetected.

    • Eyes Everywhere show

      Eyes Everywhere

      Cory has set up what he feels is a safe campsite but soon realizes all eyes are on him.

    • White Out! show

      White Out!

      Jason was hired to protect local workers from polar bears and hopes his trail camera will help.

    • Howling Night show

      Howling Night

      Jason and Rob hope their snow cave can keep them warm and safe from nearby wolves.