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No money? No ticket home? No problem! Celebrity chef Ralph Pagano is given  the challenge of a lifetime when hes dropped off in far-flung locations throughout the world and has 72 hours to discover the countrys culinary cuisine, picture postcard locations and local secrets before the time arrives for him to depart back home.  With no money and limited resourcesRalph will have to use his cooking ingenuity and mojo to make sure he gets home on time, or suffer the consequence of eating a stomach churnin local culinary delicacy, such as a Belizean Queen's rat or Brazilian taparu maggot! It's a mix of skill, survival and curiosity in PRESSURE COOK.                            
Pressure Cook is "No Reservations" meets "The Amazing Race" as each half hour episode surprises us with a new and exotic place.  Ralphs journey begins with a tour and overview of the location  delving into the rich cultural and culinary history. Upon arrival hes given some basic information about the country and then its time to get cooking  literally.


  • Pressure Cook: Mexico
    Whether put to work chopping agave, selling fresh pies on the beach, or learning to prepare gourmet worm tacos, Ralph finds himself with excitements.
  • Pressure Cook: Iceland
    Ralph swings over cliffs to collect eggs,goes from cooking for local hot spot Vox to cooking in a really hot spot: the middle of a volcano in Iceland.
  • Pressure Cook: Wyoming
    Ralph discovers that the Old West is still alive and well as he drives cattle, and tries to avoid eating a real cowboy favorite: Prairie Oysters.
  • Pressure Cook: Belize
    Ralph will explore the barrier reef and white sand beaches, fish and cook with the locals in town and even crash a wedding.
  • Pressure Cook: Czech Republic
    Czech Republic, the land of beer. Ralph will face his biggest challenge to date as he attempts to earn a cook's living.
  • Pressure Cook: Italy
    Ralph will be dropped in Italy a dream destination for anyone who has ever donned a chefs hat, and avoid eating a big plate of lambs brains in butter.
  • Pressure Cook: Northern Ireland
    Ralph explores the moors and castles of Northern Irelan. Here he rubs elbows with Irish Royalty, farms alongside traditional mussel farmers.
  • Pressure Cook: South Africa
    Ralph will travel deep into the southern hemisphere to one of the most diverse and exiting countries in Africa
  • Pressure Cook: Macau
    Ralph will be in the Chinese peninsula of Macau, experiencing fusion cuisines, cultural differences. He will try a nice bowl of Bird's Nest Soup.