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Over ten thousand Burmese pythons are living and breeding out of control in the Florida Everglades. They have no natural predators; they eat four times as much as an alligator; and if they’re not stopped, they could destroy one of America’s most important ecosystems. Now an elite squad is fighting back. In this explosive new docu-soap we follow three of the most charismatic licensed python hunters on dangerous missions as they fight to save the Everglades from the python threat.


  • Python Hunters: The Perfect Storm
    The Python Hunters decide to tackle the debate of how the Burmese Pythons came to be established in the Everglades.
  • Python Hunters: The Big Freeze
    They discover pythons both dead and very much alive. Shawn Heflick, Greg Graziani, and Michael Cole are the Python Hunters.
  • Python Hunters: Perfect Storm, The
    The Python Hunters decide to tackle the debate over how the Burmese Pythons came to be established in the Everglades. The popular perception is that the snakes are the progeny of family pets released into the wild by irresponsible owners no longer willing or able to care for them. The Python Hunters though consider a more likely explanation is an incident in 1992, when a greenhouse at the edge of the Everglades, housing over 900 Burmese Pythons, was destroyed by Hurricane Andrew. As they capture snakes, the Python Hunters look for clues to support either the pet release theory or the hurricane theory and come to some surprising conclusions.
  • Python Hunters: Big Freeze, The
    Burmese Pythons hail from the tropical climate of South East Asia, yet over the past two decades they've managed to establish an invasive population in the Florida Everglades, estimated in the thousands. Now, a cold snap has hit the state of Florida and frigid temperatures are killing thousands of native and non-indigenous animals of all species. Has Mother Nature solved their python problem? The hunters adventure through remote tree islands and limestone caves, braving alligators, venomous snakes and the cold to find out. They're discovering pythons both dead and very much alive. Shawn Heflick, Greg Graziani, and Michael Cole are the Python Hunters.
  • Python Hunters: Snake Invasion
    Follow Greg and his sons to the Everglades to see if Florida's bitter winter has created a dent in the Burmese python population.
  • Python Hunters: Lizards Gone Wild
    The armed team is on the hunt, in an infested Cape Coral canal, for the their first-ever big elusive Nile Monitor Lizard.
  • Python Hunters: Bayou Roadtrip
    With cold temperatures in Florida putting a freeze on python hunting, we head to Louisiana to conduct research on invasive reptile species.
  • Python Hunters: Mother Of All Snakes
    Hoping to put a dent in the invasive snake population, we decide to track down a massive breeding machine, a legend they call the Mother Burm.
  • Python Hunters: Giants Of Puerto Rico
    This time around, the team's Burm captures are on the decline. The hunters climb to Puerto Rico ashore and they're literally surrounded!
  • Python Hunters: Caimans Of The Caribbean
    With Florida still in deep freeze, we continue our Puerto Rican adventure, keeping reptile radars sharp by tracking and trapping the island's invasive species.
  • Python Hunters: Death By Viper
    The Hunters head to Costa Rica, where they tangle with the region's deadliest snakes and take part in an American crocodile rescue mission.
  • Python Hunters: Amazon Anaconda
    The hunters head to Peru, where they go off-road and off the map in search of the mighty Green anaconda.
  • Python Hunters: Stalking The Anaconda
    After tracking down the green anaconda in Peru's Amazon basin, the hunters are determined to find another rare species - the legendary black caiman.
  • Python Hunters: Rattlesnake Roundup
    Joining forces with a fellow snake enthusiast, the team heads out at nightfall in search of one of the state's most abundant rattlesnakes.
  • Python Hunters: Lizards of Oz
    The hunters are on a road-trip-of-a-lifetime across Australia's outback, searching for creatures they can't find back home.
  • Python Hunters: Deadly Down Under
    The Hunters continue their Australian road trip, catching sea snakes and the deadliest creature in the world: the box jellyfish.
  • Python Hunters: Cane Toad Madness
    On the final leg of their adventure Down Under, the hunters team up with local experts to help protect endangered species and heal wounded animals.
  • Python Hunters: Snake Infested Island
    In Guam, a Pacific island overrun with invasive species, the hunters coordinate the removal of brown tree snakes on the island.
  • Python Hunters: Cobras In The City
    In Thailand, the hunters search for stowaway vipers, catch giant lizards downtown, and try to track down one of the longest snakes in the world.
  • Python Hunters: Bangkok Beasts
    Continuing their reptile rescue mission in flood-ravaged Thailand, the hunters dig for deadly cobras and wrestle a mammoth crocodile.