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  • Thursday, Apr 3rd at 9:00pm, 8:00pm BKK/JKT
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According to reports, the number of Tai Chi practitioners exceeds 1 billion; therefore, Tai Chi is the best known Chinese Kung Fu. It can be found everywhere in China, Hong Kong and overseas countries. Moreover, the Tai Chi symbol is significant for foreigners to understand Chinese Tao’s philosophy. However, Tai chi is also a kind of Kung Fu which gets the least attention. Most people have this question: Other than highly regarded in in terms of keeping fit, how is Tai Chi valued when it comes to attacking skills? How can the slow moves of Tai Chi be applied in a real combat? This episode of Kung Fu Quest will bring the audience back in the day when Tai Chi was born. Audience will get to learn about the customs and history of long-established Tai Chi. The 3 hosts of this episode will visit different Tai Chi masters, experience strenuous Tai Chi training on attacking skills, and reveal Tai Chi little-known attacking and defensing skills.