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Travel to a world of living archaeology.

Travel into the world of 'living archaeology'; a place where state-of-the-art technology and old-fashioned detective work blend to create a new kind of investigative science. Forensic scientists, archeologists and medical investigators dig, sift and toil to unearth long hidden clues to some of the most compelling mysteries of modern times. Together, they work to solve age old mysteries, travel into the poast, and explore dark secrets that continue to lurk and haunt us today.


  • Riddles of the Dead: Plague Hunters
    See how doctors are using forensic science to track a killer - the Spanish Flu, the single deadliest viral outbreak of all time.
  • Riddles of the Dead: Biography Of A Corpse
    Learn the life story of the Body Farm, the personal and professional odysseys that have led its scientists to make death's details their life's work.
  • Riddles of the Dead: Forensic Frontiers
    Visit the Body Farm, where the dead tell their tales through modern technology and cutting-edge forensic science.
  • Riddles of the Dead: Savage Evidence
    A team of criminal investigators and forensic experts try to bring justice and closure to one of the Yugoslavian civil war's most gruesome atrocities.
  • Riddles of the Dead: Leonardo - The Man Behind The Shroud
    Is the Shroud of Turin a sacred Christian relic or one of the greatest hoaxes of all time, orchestrated by a surprising suspect?
  • Riddles of the Dead: Execution Island
    2 United States Marine veterans return to "Execution island" where nine Marines were rumoured to have been tortured and executed sixty years ago.
  • Riddles of the Dead: Dracula Unearthed
    Dracula: Man or myth? Journey to Romania with forensic entomologist Dr. Mark Benecke for an examination that hopes to separate truth from fiction.
  • Riddles of the Dead: Clearing The Killing Fields
    Join Bosnian deminers Neda Brkovic and Zlatko Vesselic as they take on one of the biggest threats facing their war-torn country-live forgotten mines.
  • Riddles of the Dead: Invisible Peoplpe
    Brazil's Department of Isolated Indians's withstood the hardships of its work - 50 staff members have died in the field.
  • Riddles of the Dead: Invisible People
    Brazil's Department of Isolated Indians's withstood the hardships of its work - 50 staff members have died in the field.
  • Riddles of the Dead: Blood Miracle
    Blood Miracle follows Professor Luigi Garlaschelli quest to uncover the truth behind the liquefying blood of San Gennaro.
  • Riddles of the Dead: Massacre at Punta Lobos
    Was it a ritual sacrifice or a mass slaughter meant to serve another purpose?Follows the anthropologists & archeologists as they piece the murder.
  • Riddles of the Dead: Priestess Warrior
    Investigate by forensic sciences, the myth of nomadic women warriors who roamed the Russian Steppes and inspired ancient writers.
  • Riddles of the Dead: Body Jars
    Hidden away in a Cambodian Jungle are caves full of jars of skeletons. Join an elite team as they solve the mystery of the body jars.
  • Riddles of the Dead: Secret of Einstein's Brain
    Modena is one of the oldest anatomical museums in Europe.The collection includes two African servants of the Duke.Ron & Jerry unfold another mystery.
  • Riddles of the Dead: Skeleton Lake
    Follow a team of scientists led by cultural anthropologist William Sax as they trek to the lake & seek to unravel the mystery of Roopkund.
  • Riddles of the Dead: Diagonosing Darwin
    Charles Darwin, the father of evolution, was chronically ill for most of his adult life. Was his illness psychosomatic or was it a rare disease?
  • Riddles of the Dead: Ghost Pirate
    Explore the mythical, real tale and legacy of a great 17th Century piratical voyage.
  • Riddles of the Dead: Hilter's Skull
    Journey with forensic scientist, Mark Benecke, to discover what really happened to Adolf Hitler and his remains.
  • Riddles of the Dead: Immortal Comrade
    Learn of the odd and ongoing fate of the founder of a superpower:a man whose bodily remains have outlasted the empire he created.
  • Riddles of the Dead: Sheba's Secret Mummies
    An international survey team embark on an extraordinary quest - to find Arabian mummies in the land of the legendary Queen of Sheba.
  • Riddles of the Dead: Angkor - The Lost City
    How did a civilization vanish?Prof Fletcher of The University of Sydney utilizes the latest technology to solve the riddle of Angkor some 500 yrs ago?
  • Riddles of the Dead: Fire Mountain
    On Thursday 8th May 1902, Mont Pelee, a volcano on the Caribbean Island of Martinique, erupted killing everyone of the 27,000 inhabitants but one man.
  • Riddles of the Dead: Leonardo: The Man Behind the Shroud
  • Riddles of the Dead: Angkor-The Lost City
  • Riddles of the Dead: Diagnosing Darwin
  • Riddles of the Dead: Sole Survivor (aka Fire Mountain)
  • Riddles of the Dead: Hitler's Skull