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Follow this tight-knit company of rock technicians who plant explosives, manhandle three-hundred pound hydraulic jacks, and set anchors into sheer rock, all while hanging hundreds of feet above the ground. Working with the constant threat of boulders the size of trucks falling around them, these men risk life and limb to protect us from the threat of massive avalanches and landslides all across North America. When a mountain falls, this crew of rock stars puts it back together.


  • Rock Stars: Castelo de cartas
  • Rock Stars: O Dia D
  • Rock Stars: Chaos On The Cascades
    The crew has been hired by the Washington Department of Transportation to stabilize a stretch along one of their busiest highways.
  • Rock Stars: Deathtrap
    The crew must cut down and remove all of the trees off of a slope that is 650-feet wide by 180-feet tall. In the process, Rowan makes many mistakes.
  • Rock Stars: Meltdown On The Mountain
    With the help of Greg and after multiple big rock drops, the crew sets a company record by dropping 813,000 pounds of rock in two days.
  • Rock Stars: Man V. Boulder
    The crew starts scaling on the biggest and most dangerous slope on the project. John's frustration with scaler Greg grows after he goes missing for the afternoon.
  • Rock Stars: Falling Apart
    With Dennis back in town to help guide the crew, the men must finish scaling a giant slope and immediately move on to another just like it.
  • Rock Stars: Assault On Niagara
    The crew reports to Niagara Falls State Park and is given a mammoth task: make the park safe for the public.
  • Rock Stars: House of Cards
    Day 4 of the Niagara Falls project begins with disappointment. The priority rock at Gorge site 4 is too frozen to budge.
  • Rock Stars: Cair por Terra
  • Rock Stars: D-Day
    Morale at an all time low, the team works hard to drill six holes at Maid of the Mist and scale 400 linear feet of rock face at Cave of the Winds.
  • Rock Stars: Bolt To The Finish
    The Niagara project nears an end. One of the last challenges these rock men face is installing six instrumentation bolts at the Maid of the Mist.