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  • Premieres Thursday October 8th at 10pm, 9pm BKK/JKT
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Harry Yuan, a Californian adventurer/traveller returns to the land of his ancestors, China. He meanders through the heartland, guided by the country’s 2 longest rivers, the Yangzi and the Huang He or Yellow River. His mission is to explore whatever ancient cultures and traditions he meets on the way. His itinerary is not fixed but propelled by the people he meets. The Yangzi guides him from Shanghai to Daocheng in Sichuan via Wuhan and Shennong Stream. Leading his return trip is the Yellow river which takes him through Qinghai province to Inner Mongolia and finally, the cradle of Chinese civilisation in Shandong.  This 6x30 min. series sees Harry engaging in a range of activities: action-based such as Tujia boat tracking, Tibetan horse riding and archery, Mongolian wrestling;  animal handling of porpoise, alligators, yaks, and camels;  and the artisanal art of Xuan...
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