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Saving ships from the ravages of nature, intense fires and cruel seas is one of the most dangerous operations known to man. When giant tankers, freighters, ferries or cruise vessels sink or burn, their last chance for survival rests in the hands of elite emergency marine salvage teams who battle hurricane-force winds, heavy swells and poisonous gases to rescue ships in duress.

In National Geographic Channel's Salvage Code Red, salvors race against time to rescue stricken ships, their cargo and crew, and prevent environmental disaster. Divers venture with helmet cameras inside sunken vessels to capture gripping footage of abandoned behemoths. The series takes viewers inside the bowels of a burning ship while intricate CGI illustrates the immense challenges, and some innovative solutions, in hauling and repairing a sinking vessel.

In Firestorm, a multi-million dollar ferry becomes an inferno, burning uncontrollably for days until a salvage crew climbs onboard to battle lingering blazes, and savage seas tear apart a U.K. truck ferry. Two rookie salvage masters undergo a baptism by fire in Typhoon Showdown when a typhoon-battered Russian coal freighter forces the salvage team to abandon their divers overnight and a stranded Mexican ferry threatens a coastal reef. Heading back to the Russian freighter in Breaking Point, a salvage diver suffers a close call after becoming disoriented by violent wave surges while a storm wreaks havoc and causes substantial loses for a team salvaging a sunken freighter off the Strait of Gibraltar.


  • Salvage Code Red: Fire Storm
    Off the Croatian coastline, a ferry has been burning for days. Salvage crews must fight the inferno and brave the interior to put out lingering fires.
  • Salvage Code Red: Blown Away
    A Russian freighter runs aground with 5,000 tons of coal. Divers are forced to remain overnight while a storm drives it even deeper into the seabed.
  • Salvage Code Red: Dangerous Seas
    A sunken freighter slows traffic off the coast of Gibraltar, and timely salvage attempts have been stopped by poor weather and lost equipment.
  • Salvage Code Red: Graveyard Coast
    Salvage master needs to slice the boat into sections to remove it. They must devise a way to access the ship without contending with the pounding waves.
  • Salvage Code Red: Deep Trouble
    Haven is now corroding serious at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. The salvage team must swim down to 70 meters to pump the boat dry of oil!
  • Salvage Code Red: Gulf Oil Disaster
    20th April 2010,an oil rig on the Deepwater Horizon exploded.If the rig is lost, the US could be facing the biggest catastrophes in oil spill history.
  • Salvage Code Red: Coastal Crisis
    The refloat attempt of the Colombo Queen continues in Taiwan, as salvers return to the wreck site after typhoon Morakot has passed.
  • Salvage Code Red: Disaster Zone
    During the height of the storm a ship was forced into Kentings National Park. The tanker is heading in the direction of a aquarium.
  • Salvage Code Red: Oil Jockeys
    The challenge was not only to save the living cargo but to keep oil from spilling and establish a way to refloat the vessel before it’s too late.
  • Salvage Code Red: Toxic Threat
    Can the salvage team remove the potentially toxic and environmentally hazardous substances from the ship, in extreme and dangerous conditions?
  • Salvage Code Red: Typhoon Alley
    An unusual salvage operation, to battle against the clock in their attempt to drag an over two thousand ton dry dock, onto dry land.
  • Salvage Code Red: Typhoon Alley
    The worst storm in 50 years is battering Taiwan, grounding a tanker and is capsizing, while in America, a ship needs to be hauled onto land.
  • Salvage Code Red: Disaster Zone
    Disaster strikes in the Far East as a killer storm rages, battering a tanker. Salvage teams work to save the ship and the coastline from disaster.
  • Salvage Code Red: Toxic Threat
    A freighter is grounded on a beach, laden with coal, awash with toxic oil, and threatening one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world.
  • Salvage Code Red: Coastal Crisis
    An unmanned barge is on the loose in America, threatening to drift down to the pier. In the Far East a battered tanker also faces a coastal crisis.
  • Salvage Code Red: Oil Jockeys
    A freighter is aground during the winter storms of the Atlantic Ocean with special cargo, while a first-time salvage master is pushed to his limits.


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