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    • The Adriyatik show

      The Adriyatik

      Cargo ferry the Adriyatik lies aflame in the Adriatic hopelessly out of control - as she drifts towards the Croatian coastline...

    • The Riverdance show

      The Riverdance

      In the Irish Sea truck ferry the Riverdance is battered by bad weather and wrecked off the shore of Blackpool, England. A...

    • New Carissa show

      New Carissa

      Many of the world's best salvage teams have tried and failed to move the 'wreck that will not die' off the Oregon coast. Meet...

    • The Haven show

      The Haven

      Genoa, Italy. In 1991 the oil tanker The Haven caught fire and 1 million barrels of oil burned for three days. View the...

    • The Jane show

      The Jane

      Stricken Russian coal carrier the Jane lies beached off the Japanese coast. The elite salvage team undertake the dangerous job...

    • Arcangel show


      Cancun, Mexico, ferry the Arcangel, after a vicious storm is grounded on one of the most precious reefs in the world. Hundreds...

    • The New Flame show

      The New Flame

      Salvage operations rely on brains as well as brawn. Off the Gibraltar coast a salvage team uses high-tech equipment to device...

    • Teaser show


      Take a closer look at one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

    • Dangerous Jobs: Marine Salvage Diver show

      Dangerous Jobs: Marine Salvage Diver

      Marine salvage is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Find out more as we speak to a real-life marine salvage diver.