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  • Sara’s New Nordic Kitchen

  • Premieres Monday May 4th at 8:50pm, 7:50pm BKK/JKT
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American- born and Helsinki- based chef and cookery writer SARA LA FOUNTAIN is leading a journey into the Scandinavian cuisine. There is a lot more to Nordic flavours than fish and potatoes. Sara’s international taste and passion for food gives a unique twist to these upcoming classics with delicious, fresh berries, wild fish, rustic game and clean, pure vegetables. These Nordic treats are not to be missed!


  • Sara’s New Nordic Kitchen: Finnish Roots
    Today is all about the sauna and healthy Nordic dishes. Sara goes in search for sea buckthorn to make a very special dessert for the girls’ night at the local sauna. She also serves luscious salmon salad with her favourite root vegetables and colourful beetroot carpaccio with marinated mozzarella.
  • Sara’s New Nordic Kitchen: Nature's Treasures A La Sara
    Sara’s Mum is coming to dinner and today Sara is pampering her with some of her favourite dishes, using the best ingredients from the North. She also ventures to the forest to pick some wild mushrooms for the delicious moose meat burgers and prepares a classic Skagen salad for lunch. The evening is perfect with lingonberry pannacotta, made with fresh berries.
  • Sara’s New Nordic Kitchen: Russian Flavoured Feast A La Sara
    Sara prepares a Russian inspired menu for her neighbour’s party. She gets to taste Russian classics with her friend Bruno on a train to Moscow and seeks inspiration for delicious rye canapés. Sara also makes rich blinis with Scandinavian toppings and luscious bear meat skewers. This glamorous party is finished in style with an indulgent champagne jelly.
  • Sara’s New Nordic Kitchen: Nordic Berries A La Sara
    Sara is enjoying sweet Finnish berries and she travels to the countryside to pick strawberries for her berrylicious breakfast. She is also using berries for tasty duck and creates the best meatloaf in the world that is spiced up with lingonberries. She then treats her godsons with berry popsicles from her childhood.
  • Sara’s New Nordic Kitchen: Sara's Urban Nature Recipes
    Sara is often inspired by nature as well as the people around her and today she takes upon some classics and updates them with a Nordic twist. Sara’s Arctic pizza is spiced up with reindeer and she has her designer friend over to enjoy it. She also pays a visit to an allotment garden where her friend Suvi grows greens, berries and herbs. Sara picks up some of Suvi’s famous garlic to use in her blueberry tinted whitefish ravioli. The day ends with some summery memories with strawberry cake pops.
  • Sara’s New Nordic Kitchen: Sara's All Time Favourites
    Sara enjoys a summery day in Helsinki and goes to wash some carpets by the sea. She decides to make the day all about her favourite dishes. She picks up some Brussel sprout and locally grown chilli from the market for a very special roasted Brussel sprout salad. Deer roast with a rustic parsnip mash is also one of Sara’s favourites as well as the Runeberg’s cakes. They are an annual treat in Finland, named after a famous poet and so delicious!
  • Sara’s New Nordic Kitchen: Sara's Blueberry Hunt
    Sara makes colourful foods to photograph for her new cookbook. She wants to use Nordic ingredients so she picks up moose meat from the market hall to use in a salad with some root vegetables. Sara also meets up with a friend at a nearby national park where they look for fresh blueberries for lovely mini cupcakes. Gravad fish is another Nordic classic and Sara is also showing how to make it in different colours.
  • Sara’s New Nordic Kitchen: Traditions A La Sara
    It’s all about traditions and liquorice. Sara gets to taste different types of salty liquorice and then creates a new classic from reindeer that is jazzed up with it. She is also using her grandmother’s recipes to make old Finnish classics and makes salty liquorice of her own to send some love overseas.
  • Sara’s New Nordic Kitchen: Forestry Flavours A La Sara
    Today is all about earthy Finnish delicacies that will melt hearts of Nordic men, not to mention all others! Sara makes a rustic lamb stew spiced up with moose meat chorizo and a hint of lager. She also meets up with a butcher who also hunts for game birds and after an invitation to join him on a hunt in Lapland, Sara prepares a whole willow grouse and beetroot risotto. The day is completed with a lovely coffee and cinnamon bun pudding, a true Nordic treat!
  • Sara’s New Nordic Kitchen: Sara's Colourful Party Menu
    Tonight is a party night! Sara caters an opening party for her friends’ studio with colourful treats. She seeks for inspiration from the market place and makes glazed mini doughnuts. Oriental game meat sliders together with crayfish Caesar salad are an irresistible combo and Sara also makes the punters a forestry party punch!
  • Sara’s New Nordic Kitchen: Sara's Spicy Winter Warmers
    Scandinavian winter is pretty chilly and snowy so Sara prepares some delicious witer warmers for her friends to enjoy. Mexican style chicken salad has a lovely kick to it and Sara also visits a local coffee roastery to find a perfect roast for her chocolate & chilli espresso martinis. She also treats her friends with crispy whitefish tacos before a walk to the snowy seaside. Sara’s spicy mulled wine is just what they need to warm up!
  • Sara’s New Nordic Kitchen: Asian Flavoured Fusion Food A La Sara
    An old Chinese friend of Sara’s has a stop-over in Helsinki and while Sara takes her around Helsinki, she gets inspired by not only Scandinavian tastes and style but Asia too. Sara prepares a Nordic version of classic Korean dish, kimchi that works as a starter for her miso marinated cod parcels. She then tries the first raw cake recipe of her own with chocolate and berries and an almondy chai latte to enjoy in the evening.
  • Sara’s New Nordic Kitchen: Sara's Green Kitchen
    Nordic green vegetables and root vegetables, not to mention berries and wild mushrooms, are the key to Scandinavian cooking and today Sara is using all of them. She even goes to pick up the chaga mushroom herself. She prepares a healthy green drink with vegetables and a Japanese- style sashimi with salmon. An old Nordic superfood, wild chaga mushroom, plays an important part in Sara’s miso soup and to go healthy all the way, she makes indulgent raw chocolate with nuts and Nordic berries.
  • Sara’s New Nordic Kitchen: King of the Nordic Kitchen - Seafood A La Sara
    Scandinavian kitchen uses fish a lot and today Sara gets to try fly fishing when she wants to update some classical dishes. She makes a delicious gourmet fish soup, spiced up with salmon roe and crayfish as well as a traditional English fish & chips with a Scandi twist. Oven apples also get an update with Sara when she visits an organic dairy and makes frozen yoghurt to go with the apples.
  • Sara’s New Nordic Kitchen: Sara's Countryside Menu
    Nature is a big part of Scandinavian life and today Sara invites you along when she hosts a dinner for her friends at her cottage by the Baltic sea. She prepares rustic lamb shanks and velvety potato mash spiced up with artichoke and rusts up a delicious salad using different greens with organic Finnish bread cheese she picks up from a local cheese farm. The summery evening is finished in style with classic crème brûlée with a blueberry twist.