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Every year, hundreds of millions of tourists head off in pursuit of adventure in foreign lands - and each year, millions of them get a little more adventure than they bargained for. Anyone can be a victim of a crime but it seems to come naturally to tourists. But fear not, help is at hand! Scam City travels to the most glamorous spots on earth - and reveals them through the eyes of their thieves, conmen and scammers. Here, every tourist is a victim waiting to happen.


  • Scam City: Barcelona
    Conor Woodman visits Barcelona, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and a hot spot for pickpockets. This city has so much to offer…. But this town has one of the most skilled set and creative con men and thieves in the world; they'll take your money off you day or night. Conor sets out to see exactly who these people are, how they operate and, who knows, he may even become part of the gang…
  • Scam City: Buenos Aires
    Buenos Aires Sultry climate is intoxicating. But like the Tango with its themes of deception and trickery of love, Conor Woodman discovers that many visitors leave Buenos Aires with broken hearts, after being scammed by pickpockets, con-artists, and grafters. Conor sets out to discover that common scams involving tourists are pick pocketing, clip joints, vice girls, and taxi scams. But prevalent throughout the whole of the city and running out of control is Buenos Aries' problem with counterfeit money…
  • Scam City: Delhi
    Delhi, one of the world's great historical cities, Its a vibrant melting pot, offering deliciously different experiences which attract backpackers from all over the world. Conor Woodman sets out to scratch beneath the gritty surface of this remarkable city to uncover a different sort of scamone done by tourists.
  • Scam City: Istanbul
    Istanbul is one of the world's most exotic cities - where Europe and Asia meet across the Bosporus Strait. It's a city that offers a different face depending upon the areas you visit, and whether you do it during the day or at night. This exotic blend can be both fascinating and disorienting - a perfect environment for the skillful scammer to target vulnerable tourists. But in a clever feat of his own, host Conor Woodman turns the tables on a scammer, and convinces him to become an operative for the film. In rare and revealing scenes, we experience first-hand the clever techniques that this con man uses to fleece his tourist victims. Conor gets this man to reveal all - in one case literally - as they share stories of his life while taking a Turkish bath. It turns out to be a punishing workout for Conor, but the reward is worth the effort in the end.
  • Scam City: Marrakech
    Conor Woodman enters into the labyrinthine city of Marrakech, where nothing is what it seems. He navigates through the Jamaa El Fna, one of the largest squares of Africa, dodging dancers and snake charmers. He is led by false guides to fake rugs sold by shady shop keepers. It's a maze-like world where you're lost without a guide, but whose side is the guide on? And is Conor up to the challenge?
  • Scam City: Prague
    As day turns to night, Prague's scammers emerge readying themselves for the scores of tourists enjoying the cities nightlife and who are completely unaware they've been marked by those who disguise themselves as beautiful girls, harmless hawkers and friendly taxi drivers. Scam Cities Prague is an episode where Conor Woodman comes into contact with scammers involved in currency exchange scams, short changing scams, fake drug scams, female pickpockets, taxi scams and clip joints.
  • Scam City: Rio
    Conor Woodman is in Rio, one of the sexiest cities in the world and never more so than at Carnival time. Millions of tourists descend on the city for one of the biggest parties on the planet. And with so many tourists out revelling on the streets it's party time for Rio's scammers too.
  • Scam City: Rome
    Conor Woodman is in Rome, on a mission to uncover the gritty underworld that crawls under the thriving tourist scene of the Eternal City. At the Coliseum, he finds rogue Centurions who fight over territory. Right under the dome of St Peter's, he discovers tourist agencies that employ muscle to scare competitors off their streets and conquer contested corners. There is a turf war underway in Rome, in which tourists have become the spectators and the prize.
  • Scam City: Vegas
    Las Vegas attracts the worlds elite high rollers, a city of sex and swindlers its bright neon lights hide its seedy underbelly. In Scam City: Vegas, Conor Woodman dips in to the shadows to discover theres a lot more to the tourist industry then meets the eye. In fact its a multi layered hustle that takes Conor on a journey from the swankiest casinos and glamorous nightclubs to right underneath the Strip itself, where tunnel dwellers live in the storm drains of Las Vegas. Conor meets with one to discover some uncomfortable realities of life in Sin City away from the glittering façade and hears how he survives on the fringes of the tourist industry.