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National Geographic Society
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  • Premieres Friday April 6th at 8:25 pm, 7:25 pm BKK/JKT
  • Nat Geo Adventure

    • Carnivale Pickpockets show

      Carnivale Pickpockets

      During Rio's Carnivale, pickpockets are in heaven.

    • Marrakech Market Bargain show

      Marrakech Market Bargain

      There are official bargaining rules when buying market goods.

    • Drug Deal Scam show

      Drug Deal Scam

      Many young tourists flock to Prague ready to party- but many times the drugs they buy are completely fake.

    • Tour Guide Con Artists show

      Tour Guide Con Artists

      All sorts of unofficial tour guides are waiting for overwhelmed tourists to waste their money on bogus tours 'round the Vatican.

    • Argentine Counterfeit Money show

      Argentine Counterfeit Money

      Cabbies in Buenos Aries are in on a city-wide counterfeit ring scamming tourists out of their money.