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Hollywood has typecast the great white shark as a ferocious predator intent on finding yet another swimmer to feast on, yet this apex predator has no taste for human flesh. The stereotype inflates the bounty for their teeth, jaws and fins, yet despite years of research, the great white remains one of the most vulnerable and elusive creatures of the deep.

Shark Men boldly unmasks the mysteries of the world’s largest predatory fish as it chronicles a team of expert anglers led by Chris Fischer and Dr. Michael Domeier. They have joined forces on a ground-breaking expedition in search of great whites. Their goal is to unlock the secrets of the shark’s migratory patterns, breeding and birthing sites.

Racing through the ocean at over 40 kilometres an hour, with 300 razor-sharp teeth and 2,200 kilograms of bulk, just how do you capture a great white shark? Only the right combination of brains, brawn and audacity could safely lift them out of the water, attach special tracking devices, and return them to the ocean - unharmed.


  • Shark Men: Can't Catch A Break
    With the National Marine Sanctuary ,the crew is the first team ever allowed to hook a great white shark at the Farallon Islands for research.
  • Shark Men: Getting Lucky
    The Shark Men encountered an unexpected incident with a white shark that caused Sanctuary observers to temporarily suspend the team's permit.
  • Shark Men: Looking For Ladies
    Dr. Domeier almost has enough data to support his theory about great whites mating. The primary target for the blood samples; adult females.
  • Shark Men: Monster Catch
    The Shark Men have reached their last days at Guadalupe Island. The team wrangle Apache, a male, a fighter, and their biggest shark to date.
  • Shark Men: Beach Patrol
    After tagging adult Great Whites off Mexico, the Ocean crew now have their sights on the young sharks and want to unlock their lives.
  • Shark Men: Surf's Up
    Dr Domeier and his crew continue in southern California with the research on juvenile sharks, hoping to unlock the myth of their travel pattern.
  • Shark Men: The Holy Grail
    The Shark Men will go on a journey to find the truth behind the great white shark folklore surrounding this area.
  • Shark Men: Baby On Board
    After tagging adult Great Whites off Mexico, the Ocean crew now have their sights on the young sharks and want to unlock their lives.
  • Shark Men: Cannibals Of Cortez
    The Shark Men return home from the Sea of Cortez with an itch none of them can seem to scratch: the marine life there screams SOFA.
  • Shark Men: Squid Row
    The Shark Men are in the beautiful, plentiful Sea of Cortez continuing their search for Architeuthis- the giant Diablo Rojo or Humboldt squid.
  • Shark Men: First Bite
    Expert anglers Chris Fischer and Brett McBride team up with marine conservationist Dr. Michael Domeier to tag and track a rare predator.
  • Shark Men: Big Mama
    The team must make improvements to the Cradle and rethink their plan if they want to have any chance at tagging a large female.
  • Shark Men: Size Matters
    The team returns to Guadalupe Island with new information, a new crew and renewed scientific ambition, and manage to catch the biggest female yet.
  • Shark Men: The Hot Spot
    Despite a rough start, the team catches a few more males and even a female, providing them with surprising insights into Great White reproduction.
  • Shark Men: Off the Hook
    With just a few days and 3 tags left, the Great White expedition team amps up to tag as many sharks as they can.
  • Shark Men: Out For Blood
    The expedition to Guadalupe is in its last day, yet they are still missing the final elusive piece to solve the mystery of the Great White’s story.
  • Shark Men: Dead Zone
    With eleven sharks successfully caught, tagged and released, it’s time for Dr. Domeier to put his technology to the test.
  • Shark Men: Rough Seas
    The expedition team continues their mission, but a faulty engine, rapidly spoiling bait and approaching storms threaten their science and safety.
  • Shark Men: Single White Male
    The expedition team embarks on their third journey to Guadalupe Island, and they are equipped with new techniques and technologies.
  • Shark Men: Newbies
    Ed has his hands full when an alligator takes up residence. Shea and Matthew try to prove to their boss they have what it takes to survive Safari.
  • Shark Men: Croc Escape
    For the staff of Billie Swamp Safari, dealing with alligators is all in a days work, but when a crocodile gets loose, everyone goes on high alert.
  • Shark Men: Break-In Bear
    A bear is wreaking havoc near a park feed trailer and Ed and Cory are determined to trap him...
  • Shark Men: Panther Down
    After Matt gets a crash course on how to survive the 2500-pound beasts, Ed gets a call about a Florida panther in distress.
  • Shark Men: Hooking Up
    The adventure continues at Guadalupe Island, where Dr. Domeier is on the verge of proving Great Whites come here to breed.
  • Shark Men: Greatest Bites
    A look back at some of the Greatest Bites on Chris Fischer, Brett McBride, and Dr. Michael Domeier’s quest to unlock shark secrets.
  • Shark Men: Tagging Tigers
    Chris' team and Klimley work together to help the scientific community learn about sharks. They have to adopt the right approach to land the sharks.
  • Shark Men: Hammerhead Islands
    The hunt for hammerheads continues in cooperation with Dr. Pete Klimley. The team hopes to find out more about shark migratory behaviors.
  • Shark Men: Tiger Escape
    The Shark Men are challenged like never before. Three sharks escape from the hook with their sheer power and the team needs to rethink their approach.
  • Shark Men: Tiger Bait
    After a long stretch of nothing but frustration, the team finally catches tiger sharks by adopting the technique used to catch great whites.
  • Shark Men: Coming Unglued
    At the Revillagigedo Islands, the Shark Men struggle to put personal conflicts aside and focus on saving as many shark species as they can.
  • Shark Men: A Whale of A Tiger
    It is a race against time for Shark Men. Some sharks are desperately sought after before the team pulling anchor and leaving the region.
  • Shark Men: Trouble In Paradise
    Voracious Shark fin poachers are coming! The Shark Men prioritize the tagging task for hammerhead sharks as their bigger fins are desired.
  • Shark Men: Mission Critical
    The Shark Men divide to catch a shark but the division leads to danger. Also, Cocos Island is a protected area and rangers keep an eye on them.
  • Shark Men: Killing Zone
    The mission to protect sharks rises above all else although conflicts between science and angling team continue to simmer on the ship.
  • Shark Men: Hammered
    The Shark Men try everything to tag the elusive hammerheads. Yet, the team and equipment breaks down. Will the Shark Men pull through?


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    Boys meet girl

    It's been 12 hours since they landed their last shark and the team are on the holy grail for a...

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