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Chris Fischer, a well-known personality in outdoor television and conservation circles, is a lifelong adventurer with a passion for the oceans. From 2002 to 2009, Chris hosted "Offshore Adventures," a television series chronicling a life at sea– fishing, free-diving and conservation. Offshore Adventures was a two-time Emmy Award winner and America's most watched outdoor television show during its 180-episode run on ESPN.

Fischer created Offshore Adventures to expose people to the world’s oceans so they could appreciate their beauty and complexity. Conservation and sustainable fisheries management were the show’s foundation, echoed by Fischer’s now-famous send-off, “Go out! Discover the world’s oceans and be a responsible steward of the sea.”

Chris grew up with a deep appreciate for the environment as a young fisherman in Kentucky, exploring hidden waters around hometown Louisville. This spirit never left him as he finished college in Singapore and travelled throughout Asia, Africa and Oceania.

Post-college he climbed in the Andes, then made home base in southern California where he bought his first ocean-going vessel, drew out his passion for the sea, and parlayed it into a television career. Eventually, he sold his house, stored his possessions, and left life on land behind aboard the 21-metre Elliott yachtfisher, Go Fisch. As host of Offshore Adventures, Chris, along with his wife Melissa and Capt. Brett McBride, sailed more than 320,000 kilometres of ocean, from Alaska to South America, the Caribbean and Atlantic … then back again and again.

In 2007, the White House contacted Fischer to promote President George W. Bush’s signing of an Executive Order protecting Striped Bass and Red Drum stocks in U.S. coastal waters. President Bush joined the Fischer’s for an episode of Offshore Adventures, fishing for stripers in Chesapeake Bay.

As a leading spokesman for responsible fisheries management, in 2005 Chris joined the board of The Billfish Foundation–a leading ocean conservation organisation. Working cooperatively with TBF and other scientific organisations, he has led researchers on various scientific missions, primarily to tag and study billfish and great white sharks. He is currently developing The Ocean Society, a conservation foundation promoting sustainable fisheries management; protecting and encouraging sport fishing access as a key catalyst of conservation and stewardship; supporting efforts to identify, reduce, and prevent the occurrence of marine debris; and advancing ocean research and education.

Two years ago, Fischer launched a unique multi-vessel mothership operation with plans for the most ambitious, on-going oceanic expedition of this generation to help promote and further the goals of The Ocean Society.

Fischer has been a speaker for a NOAA Fisheries Conference, the White House Conference on Hunting Heritage and Environmental Policy, and honoured by the International Game Fishing Association.

Chris and Melissa now live in Park City, UT but are never away long from the mothership Ocean. They have two young daughters who have embraced the sea-loving lifestyle and even joined the crew as Offshore Adventures cast members.


Dr. Domeier is renowned for his work with pelagic fishes, white sharks, California coastal fishes and coral reef fishes.  His ongoing work at the Marine Conservation Science Institute (MCSI) is the most comprehensive Great White study in the world. He was the first to develop and apply a means of identifying individuals based upon colour pattern and to monitor their behaviour around Guadalupe Island, Mexico — their popular gathering site. He has tagged and tracked individual white sharks since 2000, providing the first information that Great Whites seasonally migrate from Mexico to deep oceanic waters as far away as Hawaii, spending months at sea before returning to Guadalupe Island.  Dr. Domeier has been a leader in the field of electronic tagging and enjoys working on both the engineering and biological aspects of this field.


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