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  • Continues Wednesday August 6th at 10pm, 9pm BKK/JKT
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Each week, the very best American companies do battle with their prize products.  Super strength bomb-proof glass faces off against the extremely powerful waterjet.  A vacuum truck capable of pulling 360 cubic feet per minute tackles the 22,000 pound electro-lift magnet.  Fireproof fabric takes on a scorching hot, military torch.  Who will win the showdown each week?


  • Showdown of The Unbeatables: Excavator vs. Safe
    This episode features three unique match-ups: The BCB air cannon that is able to breach brick walls by shooting a water cooler bottle, up against Line-X coating that is used on buildings to mitigate bomb blasts. Our second match-up pits an automated paintball gun against a super slingshot marksman. Finally, a hydraulic rock breaker faces off with a practically impenetrable safe.
  • Showdown of The Unbeatables: Torch vs. Chainsaw
    This episode features three unique match-ups. Acoustiblok noise abatement material is up against the deafening sound of Nathan Airchime's K5LA. Our second match-up pits the Personal Vacuum Assisted Climber, with the ability to hold a 600-pound man, against Tori Allen, a record-holding rock climber. Finally, the Broco torch, with temperatures hotter than the surface of the sun, faces off against an ICS Chainsaw with the ability to slice through concrete.
  • Showdown of The Unbeatables: Rifle vs. Drone
    This episode features three unique match-ups: The TrackingPoint Rifle, that uses an internal computer to zero in on its target, against the ATI Octocopter, an unmanned drone. Our second match-up pits the Blunt Umbrella, capable of withstanding winds up to 70mph, against the Buffalo Turbine Mega blower. Finally, EverSTIK, a suction-based adhesive, faces off with the Coe M7 tree shaker, with 70,000 pounds of shaking force.
  • Showdown of The Unbeatables: Flamethrower vs. Firetruck
    This episode features three unique match-ups. First, E-One's life-saving Titan Force fire truck against Charlie Hobson's M9 flamethrower. Our second match-up pits the Brokk 100 remote controlled robot that can lift 1,000 lbs, against Brian Shaw, who was twice crowned World's Strongest Man. Finally, Cold Jet, a blaster that shoots out dry ice at supersonic speeds, faces off against Tuff-N-Lite, a fabric stronger than steel.
  • Showdown of The Unbeatables: T-Shirt Gun vs. Stretch Cable
    This episode features three unique match-ups: the Bleacher Reacher Mega, which uses compressed CO2 to launch t-shirts into stadiums, up against iStretch, a wire that can stretch 300% without breaking. Our second match-up pits OnGuard, the makers of some of the toughest locks and chains on the planet, against Link-Belt, whose excavators can dig with super strength. Finally, the New Way Sidewinder XTR garbage truck, which is capable of delivering 60,000 lbs of crushing force, faces off against the Calzone case, which is custom made to take a beating.
  • Showdown of The Unbeatables: Drill vs. Super Metal
    This episode features three unique match-ups. First up, the Stang cannon that can shoot up to 16,000 gallons of water per minute, is pitted against Ultra-Ever Dry, a super water repellent coating. Our second match-up features the Republic Lagun VGC 4428 industrial super drill, against a custom made alloy by HPAlloys. Finally, a Harris hawk, whose predatory instincts make hunting appear easy, faces off against the X Factory X63 racecar, one of the fastest remote control cars in the world.
  • Showdown of The Unbeatables: Laser vs. Super Epoxy
    This episode features three unique match-ups: The Adapt Laser Systems' CL 1000, a handheld laser that can instantly vaporize debris, against Randogrip, a coating so strong that even most acids and jet blasts won't cause it any harm. Our second showdown pits JetCat micro jet engines with 69 pounds of thrust, against a Jetovator watercraft that can launch a person almost thirty feet into the air. Finally, a Power Post Driver that delivers 1,200 blows per minute, faces off against a police riot shield made of materials five times stronger than steel.
  • Showdown of The Unbeatables: Blender vs. Sledge Hammer
    This episode features three unique match-ups: The Brooklyn Bedding viscoelastic memory foam, against the Dynapac double drum roller. Our second match-up pits Lola, a one-of-a-kind dog trained to sniff out peanuts, against the Vortexx Pressure Washer that can clean surfaces with 4,000 PSI. Finally, a Blendtec blender whose blades spin at 300 mph faces off against the B.A.S.H. sledgehammer, out to prove that it's called indestructible for a reason.