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  • Cabin Fever show

    Cabin Fever

    Log cabins are the ultimate dream sanctuaries and this team of skilled builders makes their clients’ cabin fantasies a...

  • Called To The Wild show

    Called To The Wild

    Following in the paw prints of incredible canines, we're challenging modern human-dog teams to compete in an epic adventure race!

  • Car SOS show

    Car SOS

    We Brits love our cars but, just like any relationship, sometimes things can get a little rusty.  Meet master mechanic Fuzz...

  • Cat Fight show

    Cat Fight

    This time, the claws are out as these never-before-seen stories reveal the secret tactics of the animal kingdom’s fiercest...

  • Cesar Millan: better human, better dog show

    Cesar Millan: better human, better dog

    Cesar Millan is back! With dog adoptions at a record high Cesar’s timely return to television will give new pet parents...

  • Cesar to the Rescue Asia show

    Cesar to the Rescue Asia

    Cesar Millan is on the road, rehabilitating dogs and spreading his message of pack leadership to the citizens of Singapore...

  • Cesar To The Rescue S3 show

    Cesar To The Rescue S3

    Cesar Millan is back in his element – rehabilitating dogs and training people, but this time he’s coming to the rescue of...

  • Cesar's Recruit: Asia show

    Cesar's Recruit: Asia

    Cesar Millan heads to Asia in search of the region's very best dog trainer.  Cesar is looking for a unique talent to become a...

  • Cesar's Recruit: Asia S2 show

    Cesar's Recruit: Asia S2

  • Chain of Command show

    Chain of Command

    Chain of Command delivers extraordinary insight into a line of authority and responsibility as never seen before, including a...

  • Challenge The Desert show

    Challenge The Desert

    'Challenge the Desert' follows the story of one team, Team HRC [Honda] as they battle for victory in the notoriously...

  • Challenger Disaster: The Final Mission show

    Challenger Disaster: The Final Mission

    In this closing chapter, Challenger Disaster: The Final Mission follows the story of the Space Shuttle Challenger and its...

  • China Circus show

    China Circus

    All dream of one day becoming acrobatic stars.In this two part series we follow the fortunes of some highly talented young...

  • China From Above S2 show

    China From Above S2

    China is a land of immense scale and diversity, an ancient civilization with a fascinating history dating back thousands...

  • China Revealed: Extreme China show

    China Revealed: Extreme China

    Ben explores China’s southern sea with Dou Dou, a free diver who is one of the first to free dive under ice in Tibet. Ben...

  • China's Grand Canal: A Photographer's Journey show

    China's Grand Canal: A Photographer's Journey

    Our host, photographer Jeff Hutchens travels the length of the Canal from Beijing to see the historical waterway, to...

  • China's Mystery Mummies show

    China's Mystery Mummies

    In China, archaeologists unearth ancient mummies with European facial features, blond hair and blue eyes. Where did these...

  • China’s Golden Monkeys  show

    China’s Golden Monkeys

    China’s Golden Monkeys is the first and most comprehensive documentary film about the Chinese snub nosed monkey, officially...

  • China’s Megatomb Revealed  show

    China’s Megatomb Revealed

    Albert Lin and National Geographic Channel unearth the terrible secrets that lie hidden in the tomb of China's first...

  • Clash of Tigers show

    Clash of Tigers

    Two royal Bengal tigers in Ranthambore, India, are sisters, natural born killers, granddaughters of the most famous queen...