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  • Fishzilla: Snakehead Invasion show

    Fishzilla: Snakehead Invasion

    It's got teeth like a shark, a taste for blood, and it even walks on land.

  • Flight of the Elephants show

    Flight of the Elephants

    Eight Asian elephants make a two year journey from rural Thailand to their new homes in Australia.Filmed over a period of two...

  • Fly Like a Girl show

    Fly Like a Girl

    Fly Like a Girl is more than just a film. It’s a movement of young girls and women relentlessly pursuing their passion for...

  • Flying Demon show

    Flying Demon

    From the jungles of Chiapas in southern Mexico reports are coming in of a fearsome monster terrorizing villagers and wreaking...

  • Food Lab S2 show

    Food Lab S2

    Chef Ben Milbourne, along with physicist and food enthusiast Dr Joel Gilmore delve into the world of science and food. The...

  • Food Lovers Guide to the Planet show

    Food Lovers Guide to the Planet

    This James Beard award-winning series is a mouth-watering mixture of food, culture and travel.From spicy biryani in South...

  • Forbidden Tomb Of Genghis Khan show

    Forbidden Tomb Of Genghis Khan

     Mongolia is being plundered. Illegal gold mining operations are proliferating across its vast landscape, desecrating its soil...

  • Forensic Firsts show

    Forensic Firsts

    Forensic Pioneers takes a compelling look at the turning points of forensic science, with each episode featuring a unique...

  • Forgotten Rhino show

    Forgotten Rhino

    Forgotten Rhino is the story of Asia's three species of critically endangered rhinoceros.Forgotten Rhino is the story of...

  • Formula E: Racing Recharged show

    Formula E: Racing Recharged

    Very rarely does a new global motorsport launch onto the world. Even rarer are cameras allowed complete access. “Formula-E:...

  • FOX+ show


    THE ULTIMATE ENTERTAINMENT UPGRADE HAS ARRIVED! National Geographic is now available on FOX+ app.Apple App...

  • Freaks and Creeps show

    Freaks and Creeps

    Lucy Cooke loves the animals that the rest of us don't think twice about. The ugly. The underdogs. The unappreciated.

  • Free Solo show

    Free Solo

    From award-winning documentary filmmaker E. Chai Vasarhelyi and world-renowned photographer and mountaineer Jimmy Chin, the...

  • Freshly Picked with Simon Toohey show

    Freshly Picked with Simon Toohey

    Discover the ultimate in feel-good-food with Simon Toohey in Freshly Picked, a brand new series exploring the benefits of...

  • Frogs: The Thin Green Line show

    Frogs: The Thin Green Line

    Frogs have been around for more than 250 million years. Today, they are in danger of extinction.Frogs have been on this planet...

  • Frozen Kingdom of The Snow Leopard  show

    Frozen Kingdom of The Snow Leopard

    Shot over three years in China's Qhinghai Mountains and with never-before-seen footage, The Frozen Kingdom of the Snow Leopard...

  • Fur Seals: Battle for Survival show

    Fur Seals: Battle for Survival

    Two New Zealand fur seal pups … Born on opposite sides of New Zealand’s South Island. It’s a battlefield where many pups...

  • Future Cat show

    Future Cat

    Using cutting-edge visual effects, Future Cat showcases a new approach to big cats, visualizing how they would change and...