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  • 9/11: One day in America show

    9/11: One day in America

    9/11: One Day in America tells the in-depth story of September 11th through the eyes of the witnesses, heroes and survivors....

  • Wild Harvest show

    Wild Harvest

    A 13-part series highlighting and teaching of the bountiful natural harvest of wild edible plants waiting right outside your...

  • Unknown Waters with Jeremy Wade show

    Unknown Waters with Jeremy Wade

    In this new series, world-renowned angler and adventurer, Jeremy Wade, embarks on a spectacular journey above and below the...

  • America's Funniest Home Videos: Animal Edition  show

    America's Funniest Home Videos: Animal Edition

    NatGeo meets AMERICA’S FUNNIEST HOME VIDEOS in the ultimate new animal show featuring hilarious pets, awesome wildlife, and...

  • Freshly Picked with Simon Toohey show

    Freshly Picked with Simon Toohey

    Discover the ultimate in feel-good-food with Simon Toohey in Freshly Picked, a brand new series exploring the benefits of...

  • Screened Out show

    Screened Out

    All over the world, as technology grows, so does our addiction to our devices. Join filmmaker Jon Hyatt and his family on a...

  • Giant Pop-Up Constructions show

    Giant Pop-Up Constructions

    Giant Pop-up Constructions - a fascination in itself. Without any warning they appear within weeks, sometimes even within...

  • Fish of The Day S5 show

    Fish of The Day S5

    FISH OF THE DAY's host Clarke Gayford takes us to some the best destinations on offer in New Zealand. His strong personality...

  • Air Crash Investigation S20 show

    Air Crash Investigation S20

    Every time a plane crashes, the world takes notice and so do the experts whose job it is to figure out what happened. Air...

  • Diamonds in the Sand show

    Diamonds in the Sand

    Diamonds in the Sand (4 x 30’)  Explorer Kate Leeming sets out to complete the first ever bicycle journey down the Skeleton...

  • Three Blue Ducks show

    Three Blue Ducks

    This series will mix foodie-road-trip and adventure, with the Ducks adrenaline charged life running restaurants in 3 states.

  • The Sharks of Hawaii show

    The Sharks of Hawaii

    The Sharks of Hawaii takes us from the Big Island to tiny atolls that make up the relics of once explosive volcanoes. Through...

  • Sharkatraz show


    The worst of the worst, the toughest of the tough - bank robbers, kidnappers, and murders - men like Al Capone and Machine Gun...

  • Shark Attack-tics show

    Shark Attack-tics

    Giant, fierce, or just plain weird, each shark species comes with a unique set of weapons and attack maneuvers to survive in...

  • The Sand Eating Shark show

    The Sand Eating Shark

    In Fernando do Noronha, offshore Brazil, lemon sharks have mastered the art of catching sardines in the surf zone… with the...

  • The Croc That Ate Jaws show

    The Croc That Ate Jaws

    What happens when two of the world’s most deadly and ancient predators go head to head? Drawing on spectacular UGC from...

  • Sharks of The Bermuda Triangle show

    Sharks of The Bermuda Triangle

    It's over 500,000 square miles of rumored mysteries. In reality, the Bermuda Triangle may be filled with something even more...

  • Rogue Shark? show

    Rogue Shark?

    In September 2018 a small Australian community was rocked by a series of violent shark attacks. In just 10 short days, three...

  • Shark Gangs show

    Shark Gangs

    Some shark species are being sighted in large gangs across the globe, leaving experts determined to uncover what’s behind...

  • Orca vs. Great White show

    Orca vs. Great White

    Researchers in New Zealand dive with great white sharks, in an attempt to discover if they are being hunted and eaten by...