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  • Seahorses: Wanted Dead Or Alive show

    Seahorses: Wanted Dead Or Alive

    With a horse's head, a monkey's tail and sex-swap parenting, seahorses are one of the ocean's strangest and most charismatic...

  • Ninja Shrimp show

    Ninja Shrimp

    In a global adventure that combines natural history with the world of biomechanics, wildlife filmmaker Natali Tesche sets out...

  • World's Weirdest show

    World's Weirdest

    World's Weirdest is an amazing series where you will see the strangest, freakiest, weirdest, and just plain "out of this...

  • Tiger Man show

    Tiger Man

    In an area of South African wilderness known as Tiger Canyons, one man has been hand-rearing some of nature's most ferocious...

  • Ancient X Files show

    Ancient X Files

    This exciting series follows scholars, archaeologists and scientists as they investigate myths and legends to determine the...

  • Classified: CIA Confidential show

    Classified: CIA Confidential

    With unprecedented access and footage to some of the most protected U.S. government agencies. Classified opens these...

  • Brain Games S6 show

    Brain Games S6

  • Ancient Megastructures: Machu Picchu show

    Ancient Megastructures: Machu Picchu

    To celebrate his god-like status as "Son of the Sun God", the creator of the Inca Empire, Pachacuti the "World-Shaker" orders...

  • Walking The Wall show

    Walking The Wall

    It's been said to be over 2000 years old and more than 4,000 miles long, but even today nobody really knows for sure. The...

  • Ancient Megastructures: Istanbul's Hagia Sofia show

    Ancient Megastructures: Istanbul's Hagia Sofia

    When fiery Roman Emperor Justinian ordered the rebuilding of the great church of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, he was bidding for...

  • The Megafalls of Iguacu show

    The Megafalls of Iguacu

    Deep in the heart of South America lies one of the most spectacular secrets of the natural world. Over two and a half...

  • Killer Dragons show

    Killer Dragons

    The Komodo Dragon is by far the largest lizard on the planet. It is also the most aggressive and the most powerful. But...

  • Expedition Wild 2 show

    Expedition Wild 2

    This groundbreaking seven-hour series showcases wildlife expert Casey Anderson and his charismatic animal companions on an...

  • Inside: Pint-Sized Preachers show

    Inside: Pint-Sized Preachers

    Meet three extraordinary children who are waging a war on the world's sinners in the name of Jesus. In Mississippi, Kanon...

  • Inside: The Mob's Bloody Valentine show

    Inside: The Mob's Bloody Valentine

    The St. Valentine's Day massacre is the stuff of American legend, and the tale is familiar to nearly everyone. But the story...

  • Inside: The Mob Squad show

    Inside: The Mob Squad

    Explorer has permission to go behind-the scenes with the Mafia Cops as they track the nation's most notorious gangsters - in...

  • Inside: Tokyo Mafia show

    Inside: Tokyo Mafia

    Tokyo. Orderly…modern…and seemingly safe. But this vast neon city hides a dark secret. For the millions who live here, it's...

  • Bears of Fear Island show

    Bears of Fear Island

    The Admiralty Island a.k.a. Fortress of the Bears in Southeast Alaska harbors the largest concentration of Alaskan Brown bears...

  • Swamp Men 2 show

    Swamp Men 2

    Swamp Men explores the daily operations of an animal park set in Florida's Everglades that is run by the Seminole Tribe of...

  • End of Eden show

    End of Eden

    Most likely, 250 Million years from now the Earth will once again be a Supercontinent, created as all the earth's land masses...