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  • Secrets Of The King Cobra show

    Secrets Of The King Cobra

    The SECRET LIFE of the KING is an unprecedented journey into the natural history of the wild King Cobra—following them into...

  • Space Crab show

    Space Crab

    Scientists have discovered from fossils that the ancestors of the modern horseshoe crab were living on Earth during the...

  • Salvage Code Red show

    Salvage Code Red

    Saving ships from the ravages of nature, intense fires and cruel seas is one of the most dangerous operations known to man. ...

  • Generals At War show

    Generals At War

    Some of the most charismatic generals of all time, go head-to-head.As commanders from the great battles of WWII go...

  • Science of Interrogation show

    Science of Interrogation

    How do you crack the toughest criminals, psychopaths and pathological liars?How do you crack the toughest criminals,...

  • Ape Genius show

    Ape Genius

    Great apes have some of the biggest brains in proportion to body size of any animals.Great apes—chimps, bonobos, orangutans,...

  • Gorilla Murders show

    Gorilla Murders

    We unravel the web of corruption and mystery surrounding the murders of six rare mountain gorillas.Only an estimated 720 of...

  • Jane Goodall:China Diary show

    Jane Goodall:China Diary

    Dr. Jane Goodall is well known for her pioneering research on Chimpanzee behavior in the wild. Jane long ago realized that to...

  • Light At The Edge Of The World show

    Light At The Edge Of The World

    Light at the Edge of the World examines this distressing truth, tracking four indigenous cultures.Humanity may be losing half...

  • Superhuman show


    Go inside the human body to discover its true potential and examine whether some people are pushing it too far.

  • Insect Wars show

    Insect Wars

    Insect empires and their violent existence.History is marked by the rise of great civilizations and by the conquests of...

  • Inside Guantanamo show

    Inside Guantanamo

    For the first time an exclusive look at the day-to-day life of the most notorious prison in the world.The naval base at...

  • Animals At The Edge show

    Animals At The Edge

    Before today is over, at least 100 animal species will have disappeared from the planet forever. Thanks to a handful of...

  • Microkillers show


    Join us to see what happens when Ebola manages to escape from the jungle, carried into the United States inside the body of a...

  • Dino Death Trap show

    Dino Death Trap

    The Pit of Death - Envision dinosaur corpses stacked one on top of each other, piled four and five high.The Pit of Death is...

  • Megafish show


    Megafish follows the quest National Geographic Explorer and Aquatic Biologist Dr. Zeb Hoga.Megafish follows the quest National...

  • By Any Means show

    By Any Means

    Charley Boorman returns for a daring journey, travelling from Ireland to Sydney By Any Means.Adventurer Charley Boorman will...

  • Waking The Baby Mammoth show

    Waking The Baby Mammoth

    A unique story on the discovery of a 40-thousand-year-old, perfectly preserved baby woolly mammoth.Cutting edge science and...

  • Cheetah - Against All Odds show

    Cheetah - Against All Odds

    In the Serengeti, cheetahs live uneasy lives. Females with cubs must hunt. Left alone, their offspring are exposed to the...

  • Rolex Awards 2008 show

    Rolex Awards 2008

    ‘The Rolex Awards for Enterprise' is an inspirational one-hour special dedicated to last year's winners of this prestigious...