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  • Extreme Sharkfest 2018 show

    Extreme Sharkfest 2018

    The sharks are out for a feeding frenzy! Follow us and take a closer look at the behaviours of different species of sharks...

  • Late Nite Eats S2 show

    Late Nite Eats S2

    Chef Jordan Andino is on the hunt to find restaurants that reign supreme in the late-night food scene. He meets with...

  • Big Cat Challenge show

    Big Cat Challenge

    Who is the ultimate predator? Lions, Cheetahs and Leopards: each cat has its own hunting strategies, family structures and...

  • Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted S3 show

    Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted S3

    Gordon Ramsay travels the globe discovering the local cultures behind food.

  • Fish My City Compilations show

    Fish My City Compilations

    From canal fishing in Miami, to an alligator-like fish in New Orleans, and a huge catch in Austin, Fisher Mike finds you don't...

  • World's Worst Venom show

    World's Worst Venom

    This is venom – a virulent biological toxin… and the weapon of choice for thousands of species.It's one of nature's most...

  • Secret Shark Pits show

    Secret Shark Pits

    Why do dozens of sharks converge on underwater caves off the coast of Mauritius and why do they act so strangely while...

  • Africa's Deadliest S7 show

    Africa's Deadliest S7

    Journey into the world of Africa's deadliest where the strong don't always survive.

  • Legends of the Ice Worlds show

    Legends of the Ice Worlds

    Legends of the Ice World brings the northern polar cap to life.Legends of the Ice World brings the northern polar cap to life...

  • Speed Nation show

    Speed Nation

    South Korea, a nation hooked on speed. Among the quickest of them all, are the express delivery men of Seoul. These hi-tech,...

  • The Living Weapon show

    The Living Weapon

    You can't see it. You can't hear it. You can't smell it. Yet a biological weapon could decimate an entire city. In 1942, the...

  • Inside The Emperor's Treasure show

    Inside The Emperor's Treasure

    The National Palace Museum in Taiwan has preserved the fruits of centuries of collecting by China's emperors.Deep inside a...

  • Catastrophe show


    Powerful earthquakes, explosive volcanoes, horrific hurricanes, and deadly tornadoes.In this four-part series for the National...

  • Kings of Camouflage show

    Kings of Camouflage

    Imagine you were an alien and could float through space. You had brain shaped like a doughnut and eight arms grew out of your...

  • Planet Carnivore show

    Planet Carnivore

    We recount the struggle for survival of an African lioness, a great white shark, and a polar bear.This four-part series offers...

  • Africa's Secret Seven show

    Africa's Secret Seven

    We take an exclusive peek into the mysterious lives of the most secretive animals of the African Bushveld.For the first time...

  • Camels, Courts & Concubines show

    Camels, Courts & Concubines

    Arabist Tim Mackintosh-Smith embarks on a journey with one mission: to smash the West's monolithic view of Islam.In 1325, a...

  • Divine Delinquents show

    Divine Delinquents

    In this documentary, we meet the people who have the unenviable job of solving problems that arise when the laws of the city...

  • Animal Impact show

    Animal Impact

    Now, in a landmark two-hour mini-series, the secrets of the animal world will be revealed as Animal Impact presents an...

  • Caught Barehanded show

    Caught Barehanded

    Catfish grabblin...shark wrangling...flying-fish fighting...and wrestling beasts by the boatload...its the worlds most extreme...