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From toxic rainstorms to solar storms and winds that would send a lethal shock-wave like a nuclear blast around the planet, Storm Worlds imagines what would happen if the most extreme weather in the Universe were suddenly unleashed on our planet.

Each episode weaves two stories together: CGI and dramatic recreations depicting the catastrophe, and then real-world scientists investigating possible links between these extraterrestrial storms and evidence on our planet that may shed light on what is happening on other planets.

The scientists in the series are passionate and down-to-earth. They talk about their work with enthusiasm and easy-to-understand clarity with great on-camera energy. 

The series does a great job of linking bizarre and mysterious meteorological events on distant planets by investigating everyday meteorological phenomena here on Earth that we are all familiar with. For example, “What secrets does an ancient block of glacier ice have to reveal about a massive solar flare that took place over 100 years ago?” and “How could the death of a star/supernova 500 million light years away relate to a single flash of lightning?”


  • Storm Worlds: Alien Wind
    Storm Worlds imagines the harnessing extreme alien storms and playing them out on planet Earth. It is connected to other planets through weather.
  • Storm Worlds: Cosmic Fire
    A deluge from outer space constantly washes over Earth. It is space weather, comprising high-energy sub-atomic particles from the sun and other stars.
  • Storm Worlds: Deadly Dust
    We learn how to deal with and understand dust storms on earth, and experience the terrifying impact on Earth with cutting-edge CGI.


  • Alien Wind photo

    Alien Wind

    Imagine winds that travel at nearly 17 times the speed of sound, generating a killer shockwave...

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