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  • Continues Friday August 1st at 10pm, 9pm BKK/JKT
  • National Geographic Channel


Survival instructor and wilderness guide Hazen Audel travels to some of the most remote tribal communities in the world to learn how they have survived for thousands of years in the planet’s toughest environments. Hazen joins tribes in the rainforests of Ecuador, the Kalahari Desert of Namibia, a remote island in the Pacific Ocean, the mountains of western Mongolia, the frozen Arctic of Canada, and in equatorial Kenya to learn firsthand the skills of these masters of survival.


  • Survive the Tribe: Rainforest Masters
    Explorer Hazen Audel learns how to survive like the Huaorani do in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Tutored by this rainforest tribe, Hazen must master the basics of hunting and gathering, and pick up local survival skills that will keep him alive in the dense forest. Only then will he be trusted to join the tribe in an extraordinary hunt, on the forest floor and up in the forest canopy. Armed with spears and blowguns, the Huaorani take Hazen on the hunt of his life as they track monkeys and wild peccaries to feed their families.
  • Survive the Tribe: Desert Hunters
    Hazen Audel endures a crash course with the San people of Namibia in the hopes of joining an elite four man team on an epic Kalahari hunt. The Kalahari Desert is home to the legendary San bushmen, some of the greatest animal trackers and hunters in the world. Hazen learns to chase and track some of Africas largest game with spear and poison-tipped arrow. He experiences extreme desert temperatures, shares a sleeping bag with venomous scorpions, and is forced to flee from charging elephants. Will he survive his training to become one of the few outsiders to join an elite San hunting team on a multi-day hunt in the mighty Kalahari?
  • Survive the Tribe: Solomon Shark Hunters
    Hazen Audel joins some of the worlds most elite fisherman on a remote island in the Pacific Ocean. Here he must prove himself in a series of challenges to determine whether he is brave enough and skilled enough to haul in a shark from a dugout canoe. Hazen is isolated on a small island, with white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. But surviving out here is tough and Hazen must learn the necessary skills. Hazen learns how the coconut tree can provide vital water, food, fire material and wood, whilst the breadfruit tree can be transformed into the perfect dugout canoe. All this before he heads into the open waters solo.
  • Survive the Tribe: Blood Warriors
    Deep in Kenya live the Samburucolourful, strong and brave people who have survived in the bush despite the constant threat of drought and dangerous wildlife. Hazen Audel travels to the deepest part of Samburu territory to learn the skills needed to survive in this unforgiving landscape. Both cows blood and milk are mainstays of the Samburu diet, making their cattle critical to their survival. To gain acceptance into the tribe, Hazen must learn how to keep their precious livestock alive. Battling relentless thirst and exhaustion, Hazen must prove himself by digging wells, trekking miles for new pastures, and protecting these precious animals.
  • Survive the Tribe: Eagle Assassins
    Mongolian Kazakhs put Hazen Audel to the test as he attempts to survive frigid temperatures and hunt with golden eagles. Before heading out into the Altai Mountains on a semi-wild horse, Hazen must train and bond with his predatory eagle in order to ensure success on the hunt.
  • Survive the Tribe: Arctic Endurance
    In one of the most extreme and frozen places on Earth, Hazen attempts to master the skills that have allowed the Inuit to survive in Arctic Canada for thousands of years. As he battles the sub-zero temperatures, Hazen must prove himself by mastering a dog sled team and honing his igloo-building skills before he can join an elite Inuit hunter to harvest mussels beneath the shifting sea ice.


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    Hive Find

    Hazen joins a tribe of bushmen in a rather uncomfortable quest for honey.

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