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Taboo explores some of the most confronting behaviors, rituals and beliefs from around the world. With stories ranging from addiction to fantasy lives, prison love to strange love, the extremes of beauty and the squalor of hoarding, Taboo gives you a front row view of some of the most bizarre and controversial aspects of human behavior. Shot in HD, Taboo travels to Australia, Asia, Europe and the Americas to uncover the truth behind the taboos.


  • Taboo 8: Odd Couples
    For most, the ideal spouse tends to be similar in age, social status, and physical appearance. But some marriages stray so far from this ideal.
  • Taboo 8: Secret Lives
    Do we really know who our loved ones and friends are? NGC opens a window into the lives of individuals leading a double life with surprising secrets.
  • Taboo 8: Freaky Remedies
    In cultures around the world, many put their health in the hands of monks, mystics and magic potions. Some are willing to go to the ultimate limits.
  • Taboo 8: Extreme Fighting
    Humans have an inherit urge to fight. In some cultures, the boundaries of what is considered acceptable violence are extremely different.