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The "Taiwan to the World" mini-series is back again with 5 new stories..

The "Taiwan to the World" mini-series is back again, this time with 5 new stories that will open your hearts and your minds to amazing characters, cutting-edge science, and spectacular visuals, all produced by Taiwan's talented filmmakers. Witness two Asiatic black bear cubs born in captivity as one woman sets out to release them into the wild. Venture inside a secret society chapter as members reveal hidden kungfu secrets through lion dancing, watch an ‘iron crotch' master pull an 8,000-lb fighter jet with his penis, and follow two women's quest to win gold in an int'l. wushu competition. Journey to China with a cricket fighting master from Taiwan's rural countryside for a showdown between his ‘black dragon' and China's smaller but well-trained ‘Qu Qu' - does size really matter in this ultimate tournament? Witness one pig whisperer as he preps his piglets for a stud pig competition while a scientist aids in stem cell research by producing pigs that glow fluorescent green and red. And finally, learn about an unusual-looking sea creature whose blood can save our lives and search for extra-terrestrials in outer space!


  • Taiwan To the World: Trash To Treasure (aka Next Gene)
    In Taiwan, a revolution begins. Not a political revolution. It's a fight for survival. The Enemy - Trash.
  • Taiwan To the World: Super Solar Yachts (aka Super Yachts)
    Set on the island of Taiwan our story chronicles the birth of a maverick new yacht, a catamaran powered entirely by solar energy.
  • Taiwan To the World: Star Trackers (aka Stargazers)
    Sharing the same passion for the sky, two Taiwanese stargazers are pursuing two unprecedented dreams.
  • Taiwan To the World: Taiwan's Amazing Creatures
    People have become surrogate parents to some of the animals of Taiwan to unlock their secrets and potential, often with unexpected results.