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  • Tales from the Bush Larder

  • Premieres Thursday April 10th at 7:55 pm, 6:55pm BKK/JKT
  • Nat Geo People


"Tales from The Bush Larder" takes the viewer on a culinary adventure of Kenya, focusing on the fantastic local produce and the interesting people who are responsible for them. The show is lead by Kiran Jethwa a colorful and creative chef who uses these wonderful ingredients to produce delicious dishes, both in the bush and in his restaurant.


  • Tales from the Bush Larder: Central Province - Zambia
    Chef Kiran Jethwa heads to the lush bushs crubin Zambia’s Central Province to sample the extraordinary Wild mushrooms.
  • Tales from the Bush Larder: Pemba - Mozambique
    Chef Kiran Jethwa uses all of his courage and gusto to nab delicious razor-toothed barracuda.
  • Tales from the Bush Larder: Hoedspruit - South Africa
    Kiran explores the origins of his favourite South African Snack Biltong, around the Hoedspruit area in the Lowveld.
  • Tales from the Bush Larder: Lake Kariba - Zambia
    Lake Kariba is the world’s largest artificial lake.
  • Tales from the Bush Larder: Mieze - Mozambique
    Our chef embraces the slime of two ingredients; the mollusks themselves and Mozambican staple vegetable with a gooey reputation; okra.
  • Tales from the Bush Larder: Drakensburg - South Africa
    The northern Drakensberg Mountains are carpeted in lush forest and capped with craggy rock formations.
  • Tales from the Bush Larder: Livingstone - Zambia
    Our intrepid chef goes into this adventure head first, taking a breath taking bungee jump beside the world’s largest waterfall.
  • Tales from the Bush Larder: Atolo - Mozambique
    On the menu are two of Chef Kiran Jethwa’s favourite ingredients: atomic Piri Piri and juicy Calamari.
  • Tales from the Bush Larder: Mafunyani - South Africa
    Kiran pays visit to the Mafunyani cultural village where he explores the lives and livelihoods of ancient Shangaan people.
  • Tales from the Bush Larder: North Coast - Mozambique
    In a true celebration of Mozambique’s magnificent coast line, Kiran accompanies an expert beach forager.
  • Tales from the Bush Larder: Mkushi - Zambia
    In central Zambia, the town of Mkushi and its surrounding District is proudly championed as the country’s ‘hub of agriculture’.
  • Tales from the Bush Larder: Dullstroom - South Africa
    Dullstroom is one of the coldest Places in South Africa and also the country’s premier fly-fishing destination.