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Host and producer Kal Penn will take viewers on a journey to understand how things like money, sex, food, sports and crime influence our daily lives. Exploring and generating infographics from information banks and data analyses, The Big Picture With Kal Penn investigates different themes through mapping of new data, a creative visualisation of information, and in-depth personal stories with fascinating characters.


  • The Big Picture With Kal Penn: Crime, Inc.
    The Big Picture with Kal Penn dives into the big business that is "Crime Incorporated" to see what makes crime the richest enterprise in the world. Kal takes a close look at Crime Inc's books to reveal the hot spots for illicit activity in the United States and around the world. We start in rural Vermont, where a young man running his family's dairy farm lets us peek into the dark world of illegal drugs in the Green Mountain State, the illicit drug use capitol of the United States. We'll also spend some time on the "inside" in the prison capitol of the United States, Cañon City, Colorado. And finally we'll ride along with the police as they fight Crime Inc., not with guns and tasers, but with 140 characters or less… on Twitter and Facebook.
  • The Big Picture With Kal Penn: Treasure Hunt
    The Big Picture with Kal Penn takes you on the hunt for real treasure, that can be found anywhere from your own home to buried deep underground, if you just follow the data. Today's treasure maps are made by following the numbers and tracing history, and they can lead to some really big rewards. We travel underground to gold-central, in the mines of Nevada where one man is striking it rich in what can be considered a modern day Gold Rush. Traveling east to a little town in Ohio we meet someone who may be the luckiest man in the state for stumbling across $3 million worth of baseball cards in his aunt's attic - or was it more than dumb luck? Finally we head to Poland where a treasure hunter is on the trail to find a hidden stash of valuable coins hidden from the Nazis during WW2.
  • The Big Picture With Kal Penn: Surviving Nature's Fury
    The Big Picture with Kal Penn delves into the realm of natural disaster, to see how some of the hardest hit places on the planet are faring against nature's worst elements. Natural disasters thrash, twist, shake, drown, burn and explode 365 days a year. We head to San Angelo, Texas where we learn how to make it rain - literally - with a meteorologist who is fighting some of the worst drought his state has seen in years. Traveling all the way to Iceland, it's man versus volcano for one farmer. What is life like at the base of an active volcano and why wouldn't you choose to live elsewhere? With the same question in mind we meet the good people of New Madrid, Missouri-the unluckiest town in America when it comes to natural disasters. When you're accustomed to getting the trifecta of earthquakes, tornadoes and floods, you better be prepared for them.
  • The Big Picture With Kal Penn: Going Viral
    The Big Picture with Kal Penn is going viral to uncover what causes and drives pandemics around the world, and what can make them even more dangerous than you think. We'll go to a Chinese animal market where one of the most infamous pandemics of our age started. We'll go into the lab with the scientists on the front lines fighting the most dangerous creatures in the world, the mosquito. We'll also see how a top-secret lab is preparing us for the scariest "what if" situations of bioterrorism in the U.S.
  • The Big Picture With Kal Penn: Off The Map
    The Big Picture with Kal Penn explores the hidden, mislabeled, and just plain missing places that fall off the map. Kal investigates mysterious government communications bunkers, hidden in plain sight in a residential section of Washington, D.C. He'll also learn how a group of citizen scientists is shaking up the undersea exploration community. The ocean was once the realm of massive, government-funded expeditions, but now these oceanographers are undertaking exploration expeditions for less than $1,000. Not every place can be mapped through technology, though. The Big Picture will visit the underground caverns that can only be mapped in one way-by crawling through them.
  • The Big Picture With Kal Penn: Eat This!
    With thousands of edible plants species to choose from and meat ranging from crickets to opossum, the question, "Whats for dinner?" gets some very surprising answers. Join The Big Picture host Kal Penn as he deconstructs our global appetite and serves-up a juicy smorgasbord of whats not-so-normal, whats not-so-legal and whats downright strange. We start in Orlando, FL the unexpected pizza capital of America with a man whos dedicated his life to eating cheese pizza. Well travel to the fields of Oaxaca, Mexico where grasshoppers are going gourmet. And well follow the dark trail of illicit moonshine distilling as it spreads from its backwoods roots to suburbs all across America.
  • The Big Picture With Kal Penn: Space Invasion
    The Big Picture with Kal Penn explores the everyday ways we've made ourselves at home in outer space. From GPS to TV broadcasts, a remarkable number of our everyday activities rely on outer space. We'll visit the otherworldly Utah desert where people with aspirations to colonize Mars simulate living on the red planet to research its viability. In Haviland, Kansas we'll hunt meteorites that fell 40,000 years ago, in the massive Brenham meteorite fall. We'll also build and launch a homemade satellite with a group of college-age enthusiasts.
  • The Big Picture With Kal Penn: Body City
    The human body is so complicated, it can be hard to grasp exactly what's going on inside. Let's compare it to something we see every day, working all around us: a city. Welcome to Humanopolis: the city inside you. The Big Picture with Kal Penn traces a fascinating and unexpected map of the human body. Along the way we'll visit a lab that is printing human ears; a grungy Pittsburgh garage where bio "hackers" are upgrading their own bodies; and a forest full of dead bodies - all to better understand who we are, what we're made of and where we're going. Just like any city, we'll see that Humanopolis rises, evolves, and eventually collapses.
  • The Big Picture With Kal Penn: Born To Be Wired
    Don't be fooled-the internet isn't invisible and wireless. Our data is not stored "on a cloud". Today's cyber-world is made up of real places, and those locations matter more than you might expect. The Big Picture with Kal Penn paints in the details of today's high-tech landscape, following the data to surprising revelations like: How have California hippies, Romanian scam-artists, and Miami Beach combers turned their communities into technological hotspots? Is Angry Birds more important than the telephone? Whose grandmother accidentally severed an entire nation's internet? Join host Kal Penn as he deconstructs how we're all connected.
  • The Big Picture With Kal Penn: Cash For Trash
    Waste? Garbage? Yucky stuff that smells bad? Whether were trashing it, reusing it or flushing it, the whole idea with junk is getting as far away from it as possible. Look at the numbers, though, and youll quickly see that youre wasting some golden opportunities. All around the world there are clever people making the most of our trash and getting filthy, stinking rich. Join The Big Picture as host Kal Penn puts a dollar sign to all that cash that were leaving on the curb.
  • The Big Picture With Kal Penn: Ultimate Moneyball
    The Big Picture with Kal Penn takes to the field to put together the ultimate fantasy sports franchise. Traveling the globe to assemble this dream team, Kal finds best in everything from players to fans, even mascots. We'll see why one town in Louisiana sends so many football players to the pros, what makes cheering for your favorite Argentinian soccer team so dangerous and even what it takes to be a mascot. Kal will boil down all the numbers and statistics to assemble Team Big Picture.
  • The Big Picture With Kal Penn: Sex Drive
    Is there something sexy going on in America's heartland? Would you orgasm for science? Are your grandparents 'getting lucky' more than you are? As we deconstruct the data of our everyday lives, sometimes that includes surprising, intimate details from our private lives. The Big Picture with Kal Penn takes a look at what's going on in bedrooms all across the world. We'll start in the unexpected strip club capital of America: small, independent-minded Hurley, Wisconsin. Find out how this tiny town surpasses Las Vegas for the title of "Sin City" with one strip club for every 238 residents. Next up: If you really want to find a place where people are going at it like rabbits, look no further than your local retirement community. The Big Picture travels to Delray Beach, Florida to find out just how many grandparents are getting it on - and find out that they've got the fastest growing rate of sexually-transmitted disease of any population group. We'll finish in practical, efficient Switzerland, where ordering a sexual favor can be as easy as getting a Big Mac. The city of Zurich has created Europe's first drive-in brothel, where all the business takes place in specially designed garages known as 'sex boxes.'


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