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  • Premieres Monday February 2nd at 7pm, 6pm BKK/JKT
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Foodie and health guru Nikki Muller investigates the real health benefits and risks of our favourite foods, exploring each foods origins and dispelling the many myths of nutrition.


  • The Food Files: Chicken
    Chicken makes up a billion dollar industry, but does the way we raise our chickens affect the food we eat? Chicken Rice is Singapore's national dish. For the uninitiated, Chicken Rice is basically steamed/roasted chicken with white rice, served with chili sauce, ginger, and dark soy. This episode also investigates whether chicken farmers in Singapore use hormones and antibiotics and what the potential risks are. Is there any benefit to buying free-range chicken? Is it better to use regular chickens or black chickens in Singapore?
  • The Food Files: Fruit Drinks / Juices
    Is bottled water really any better than tap? Do soft drinks contain ingredients that cause cancer? Is Bubble Tea poisonous? Are caffeine drinks messing with our sleep and harming our kids? And are fruit juices really all that good for us? This episode identifies the benefits and harms of the different types of drinks available to Singaporeans.
  • The Food Files: Chocolate
    We all know that chocolate is hard to resist, but why? This episode looks at finding out what is in chocolate that makes it so desirable, and hopes to find some nutritional evidence that will justify our appetite for the stuff. Is chocolate really that bad for us?
  • The Food Files: Curry And Spices
    What actually goes into a curry and where do the ingredients come from? Does imported coconut milk contains undesirable contaminants? Are all curries high in calories? This episode explores whether spices can protect us from cancer, extend our lifetime, or be toxic.
  • The Food Files: Noodles
    Are instant noodles covered in wax? What happens when you put a group of university students on an instant noodle diet?
  • The Food Files: Fruits And Vegetables
    We are supposed to eat 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day, but what counts as a serving, and is fresh always best? Are Asian green vegetables healthier for you than those found overseas? This episode asks whether we have sacrificed nutritional content and flavour to meet the needs of intensive horticulture and supermarket shelf-Â‐life, and finds out whether organic is better than normal fruit and vegetables.
  • The Food Files: Soy
    Just about any home in Singapore is sure to have soy sauce, fish sauce, or chilli sauce somewhere in their kitchens, but are some of these tasty sauces actually killing us? In this episode we take a look at the nutritional content of table sauces and whether or not people should re-think their consumption.
  • The Food Files: Country of Origin
    We eat food from all over the world, but without country of origin labeling, we do not always know what conditions it has been grown or manufactured in, or how safe it is. With the huge volume of imported produce crossing our borders, who is checking for quality and contaminants before food gets to our table?
  • The Food Files: Nuts
    From our cashew chicken to satay sauces, we never really escape nuts. Generally, nuts are very nutritious. But they are high in fat and can be bad for you. So exactly how safe are we?
  • The Food Files: Fish
    Fish is our best source of omega 3 fatty acids that improve brain function, lower blood pressure, and even alleviate symptoms of depression and stress. We test the benefits of omega 3 on a bunch of brave Singaporean cab drivers and seek to find out if whether or not mussels increase your brain power and if oysters really an aphrodisiac?
  • The Food Files: Coffee
    We drink coffee to get us up and going. It stimulates us, and raises blood pressure, heart rate and breathing. But can coffee really improve mental performance? This episode puts it to the test with a group of busy Singaporean financial traders, spilling the beans on instant and decaffeinated coffee. Also seeks to discover whether or not Bubble Tea is really killing us?
  • The Food Files: Packaging
    Just about all of our food is packaged in man-made products - plastic, cardboard, glass, and metal cans. What happens when plastic starts tainting the food we eat? How dangerous are the plastics that can leak from a baby's bottle into the milk? And what really gets into our tinned fish and canned coconut milk?
  • The Food Files: Rice
    Carbohydrates are friend or foe? Are potatoes making us fat, and would we better off eating rice? In this episode we look into the different kinds of rice and potato and find out which are the healthiest.
  • The Food Files: Eggs
    We love scrambled, poached, fried or hard-boiled eggs. But are we now getting too much of a good thing? Designer eggs in Singapore have now become the new crave. Singaporeans can now get their hands on eggs enriched with everything from Omega-3, Vitamin E, Cordyceps, and Carrot. But are these "designer" eggs doing us more harm than good? How are they made, and are we better off eating them compared to regular eggs? This episode looks into the nutrition and the differences between designer and regular eggs.