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A biodiesel adventure to travel 12000 km's from Tasmania to Darwin without stopping at a petrol station.



  • The Green Way Up: Pre Production & Journey Begins
    The team head down to Tasmania to begin their 50,000 km trip to Norway, starting from the southern tip of Tasmania in Southport. But it proves to be a bumpy start.
  • The Green Way Up: Southport To Stanley
    In this episode, the team is in Hobart, Tasmania and they finally get the boat out of the water and onto the trailer.
  • The Green Way Up: Bass Strait To Melbourne
    Chuck gets Morella started again and is keen to carry on to King Island. There is a heated radio conversation between Chuck and the support boat team.
  • The Green Way Up: Melbourne To Sydney
    It's the day after the party and everyone is busily working on Sherpa and Morella in a makeshift workshop at the back of the hotel.
  • The Green Way Up: Sydney To Brisbane
    Departing Sydney, Morella has been left behind to receive repairs and Sherpa heads across the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge with the processor in tow.
  • The Green Way Up: Brisbane To Birdsville
    Packed and prepared, the team head east to out of Brisbane for another oil collecting mission. However, it's not just oil they need.
  • The Green Way Up: Birdsville To William Creek
    Despite Oscar's worry, Chuck fixes the bearings and they head into Birdsville late into the night.
  • The Green Way Up: William Creek To Alice Springs
    The team arrives at the notorious Pink Roadhouse in Oodnadatta with the primary goal of getting oil, but it is also really bad quality.
  • The Green Way Up: Alice Springs To Wolfe Creek
    ustin and Bob are stranded in the bush just 15km's from Alice as Sherpa has run out of fuel.
  • The Green Way Up: Wolfe Creek To The Durack River
    After Wolfe Creek we're onto Fitzroy Crossing and Oscar meets Joe - an old family friend and chief elder of local Bunaba 'people'.
  • The Green Way Up: The Durack River To Kununurra
    Bob and Chuck update Justin and Oscar with news of Sherpa and drop the bombshell that she is dead. They will have to tow Sherpa to Kununurra.
  • The Green Way Up: Kununurra To Darwin
    The team had planned to stay at Home Valley Station but the problems meant they weren't going to make it.