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Magicians, Barry and Stuart set about making the unbelievable believable to the unsuspecting residents of towns across the UK and America. Using magic, misdirection and suggestion they slowly create a rumor amongst the town folk that something extraordinary is happening in the quiet place they call home. Creating a whirlwind of press interest and buzz amongst the town’s unsuspecting residents they go about creating weird and wonderful stories similar to a movie experience as ghosts, alien invasions, vampires and a secret psychic army take over.


  • The Happenings: Alien Invasion
    In this episode Barry and Stuart arrive in the chosen quiet town of Stamford in England. The aim is to make the residents believe that aliens have arrived. Locals will believe that along with strange lights in the sky, aliens have actually been monitoring them for many years. Tune in to see if the guys can work their magic!
  • The Happenings: Sixth Sense
    In this episode illusionists Barry and Stuart want to make the residents of Athens, Georgia believe that they have psychic powers; in fact make them believe Athens is the most psychic town of America! They play men in black characters recruiting for their secret "psychic" army - will their plan succeed? Tune in to find out.
  • The Happenings: Haunted Town
    In this episode illusionists Barry and Stuart are on a mission to make the town of Whitstable in England, believe that it's at the center of ghostly activity. Can they make the residents believe that "Mr. Nearing", the fictitious ghost, is haunting more than their imaginations?
  • The Happenings: Vampire's Curse
    In this episode, illusionists Barry and Stuart head to the beautiful American town of Savannah, Georgia, to try to convince the locals that there is a vampire in their midst. Will the locals get sucked in? Tune in to find out!


  • Phone Bug photo

    Phone Bug

    A resident of an English town is shocked when her phone is bugged in a very creepy way.

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