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Deep in the heart of Africa, in the Zambezi Valley, lies a great lake. Here is where we meet three male lions coming into their prime with much to prove. They must forge strong bonds with a new pride and navigate the perils of this unique wilderness to become true pride males and rulers of the land. Life here is not easy, as some of the kills are executed on the shoreline and with that comes the competitive nature of the crocodiles. The lakeshore is a provider, but also harbours great danger. The pride cannot live on impala and waterbuck alone, and aim to target hippo and buffalo when they can. Ultimately the pride consolidate, by hunting as a unit to succeed in taking down bigger prey. Survival is the common thread throughout this engaging story and the urge to pass on their genes to ensure a positive future for the lions of the lakeshore. We will also experience a bird’s-eye view of the lions’ survival tactics and see how they adapt their hunting skills in surprising ways in order to survive.