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Lions - some of the most dangerous animals known to society. BUT there is one man who is part of their pride. Kevin Richardson, an outdoorsman who lives just 30 miles north of Johannesburg, has an amazing ability to communicate with some of Africas most feared predators. His conservation area is home to lions, hyenas, cheetahs, leopards and panthers.  He is able to live with them, sleep curled up with them, swim with lionesses, caress cubs and tussle with males. This exciting and touching series will take viewers on a journey to the stunning African wilderness, giving them an exclusive insight into the life of the real Lion Whisperer.


  • The Lion Ranger: Trouble In The Pride
    Trouble in the Pride: Kevin Richardson shares such an extraordinary bond with his lions that he is accepted as part of the pride, but now the Kingdom of the White Lion where they live in South Africa is facing financial troubles and its future is under threat.