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  • Premieres Sunday, January 14th at 10pm HKT, 9pm BKK/JKT
  • National Geographic


We are all human beings.  So why do our societies around the world seem so different?  How did human civilization develop?  And what will society look like in the future, as globalization and technology upend our ways of life?

At a time when global events seem to be driving cultures apart, this series aims to uncover the fundamental forces that keep our societies together, and to reveal the common humanity that lies inside each one of us.

In this 6x60 series, vast in scope and intimate in style, Morgan Freeman goes on a global journey to meet people from all cultures whose lives are shaped in surprising ways by these fundamental forces...to understand how human culture has taken so many remarkable forms.


  • The Story of Us with Morgan Freeman: The Fight For Peace
    Morgan travels the world to study the cycles of war and peace. Conflict can drive innovation but is war necessary?
  • The Story of Us with Morgan Freeman: Us And Them
    Morgan sets out on a journey in search of the forces at work which push us apart and the possibilities of coming together.
  • The Story of Us with Morgan Freeman: The March of Freedom
    Morgan travels around the world in search of a greater understanding of the concept of Freedom.
  • The Story of Us with Morgan Freeman: The Power of Us
    Morgan embarks on a global journey for answers through an examination of the dynamics of power and leadership.
  • The Story of Us with Morgan Freeman: The Power of Love
    Can love change the world? Morgan is on a global quest to understand how this primal force binds us together as a species.
  • The Story of Us with Morgan Freeman: The Rebel Spirit
    Morgan's quest to understand what makes a rebellion successful brings him face to face with exiles, whistleblowers, hackers, and movement leaders.