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National Geographic Society
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  • Every Sunday @ 1:30pm, 12:30pm BKK/JKT
  • Nat Geo Wild


In an area of South African wilderness known as Tiger Canyons, one man has been hand-rearing some of nature's most ferocious creatures. But, rather than raise the continent's native hunters, John Varty has opted to give Asia's apex predator a helping hand.


  • Tiger Man: The Mating Game
    Four adult tigers are ready to mate. John will give an unprecedented view of the tigress in labor and the moment of birth.
  • Tiger Man: Baby Steps
    John is joyful to witness a rare genetic tiger cub joining his tiger family. Yet, it is soon dashed by the death of another cub.
  • Tiger Man: Growing Pains
    John’s favorite tiger, Julie, is about to give birth again, 8 months after abandoning her previous litter.
  • Tiger Man: Baby Steps
    JV faces a difficult decision between creating a population of wild tigers and giving hands in saving newborns tigers from almost certain death.
  • Tiger Man: Growing Pains
    JV faces the hardest decisions of his career: Should he pull one little cub out of the wild and away from her mother or let nature take its course?