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Relive minute by minute the final moments Live Tweets from the Titanic

Meet the Characters

  • Margaret Brown 44 years old
(1st class pax) BioMargaret Brown44 years old(1st class pax) Bio
  • Edward J. Smith 62 years old(Captain) BioEdward J. Smith62 years old
    (Captain) Bio
  • Ana Turja Lundi 18 years old(3rd class pax) BioAna Turja Lundi18 years old
    (3rd class pax) Bio
  • Thomas Andrews39 years old (Ship builder, pax)Biography
  • Daniel Buckley21 years old (3rd class pax)Biography
  • William Murdoch39 years old (1st officer)Biography
  • Lady Duff Gordon48 years old (1st class pax)Biography


  1. Titanic is Born

    One Evening in 1907 J. Bruce Ismay, managing director of the White Star Line, dined with business associate Lord William Pirrie-a major shareholder of White Star and chairman of Harland and Wolff shipbuilders. As the story...

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  2. Ship of Dreams

    While the initial sketches were made by Lord Pirrie and Bruce Ismay, it was in the drawing rooms at Harland and Wolff where the total vision of the new liners was conceived. Under Thomas Andrews’ design direction, the...

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