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  • July 1908 the design for the Titanic is approved.


  • January 1912 Only 16 wooden lifeboats are fitted onboard the Titanic.


  • April 10, 1912 Passengers in Southampton, England, board the ship and the Titanic begins her maiden voyage.


  • April 11, 1912 after stopping in France, the Titanic picks up more passengers in Queenstown, Ireland.


  • April 12 & 13, 1912 The Titanic sails through calm waters.


  • April 14, 1912 throughout the day seven iceberg warnings are received.


  • April 14, 1912 - 11:40 P Lookout Frederick Fleet spots an iceberg dead ahead.


  • The iceberg strikes the Titanic on the right side of her bow.


  • April 14, 1912 - 11:50 P Fourteen feet of water pour into the front part of the ship.


  • April 15, 1912 - Midnight the captain is told the ship can only stay afloat for a couple of hours.


  • April 15, 1912 -12:05 A the order is given to uncover the lifeboats and to get passengers and crew ready on deck.


  • There is only room in the lifeboats for half of the estimated 2,200 on board.


  • April 15, 1912 -12:25 A the lifeboats begin loading women and children first. The Carpathia, southeast of the Titanic by about 58 miles, picks up the distress call.


  • April 15, 1912 - 12:45 A the first lifeboat is safely lowered away with only 28 of the 65 seats filled.


  • April 15, 1912 - 2:05 A the last lifeboat departs, leaving over 1,500 people on the sinking ship.


  • The tilt of Titanic's deck grows steeper and steeper.


  • April 15, 1912 - 2:17 A the last radio message is sent. The captain announces “Every man for himself.”


  • April 15, 1912 - 2:20 A the Titanic's broken-off stern settles back into the water, becoming more level for a few minutes. Slowly fills with water and tilts its end high into the air before sinking into the sea. People in the water slowly freeze to death.


  • April 15, 1912 - 3.30 A the Carpathia's rockets are spotted by the survivors.


  • April 15, 1912 - 4:10 A the first lifeboat is picked up by the Carpathia.


  • April 15, 1912 - 8:50 A the Carpathia leaves the area bound for New York. She has on board 705 survivors of the Titanic disaster.