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  • Premieres Friday April 5th at 10:00 pm, 9:00 pm BKK/JKT
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Are we finally a step closer to understanding the great unknown and what it may – or may not – hold?

Man has always been curious about what is really out there in the vastness of space, and UFO sightings have been reported for years. 

Now, with video footage of sightings, radar evidence and eyewitness accounts from around the world, UFOs: The Untold Stories provides an in-depth look at the fascinating and disturbing aspects of encounters with the unexplained.


  • UFOs: The Untold Stories: Ep 1
    Scotland's Livingston UFO, Norway's Hessdalen Lights and Portugal's Castelo de Bode Dam encounter. On 17th June, 1977 a young Portuguese pilot comes face to face with a large unknown object at 5,000 feet. He observes it for a few seconds before it vanishes into the clouds. Suddenly, his magnetic compass spins wildly and his aircraft goes into an uncontrolled nose dive. In the early 1980's hundreds of mysterious lights are witnessed flying through the Hessdalen Valley in Norway. Scientist Erling Strand from Ostfold University College is keen to investigate so he sets up camp in the valley. He is amazed at the spectacular lights and after capturing them on film, discovers something intriguing. In 1979 a Scottish forester describes an incredible encounter with a UFO in a lonely clearing. He falls down unconscious and when he comes to, finds cuts on his legs and tears on his trousers. The police launch the UK's first ever criminal investigation into a UFO encounter.
  • UFOs: The Untold Stories: Ep 2
    Rendlesham Revisited, Mussolini's Secret UFO Files and The Swedish Mora UFO Photos. Around 3am on Dec 26th 1980, US Air Force personnel venture into the forest to investigate strange lights. Two nights later, similar lights are seen again as the Deputy Base Commander makes his way through the forest with a team. A set of unknown files describing a UFO sighting in Venice in 1936 are anonymously sent to an Italian Ufologist. The documents within purport to be a secret government report of the UFO sighting and an extraordinary government cover up that followed. The documents state the cover up was ordered by the Italian dictator, Mussolini, who was convinced the sighting was of some sort of advanced European technology. On 15th September 1952, 20 year-old Nils Frost is cycling home late one night. As he arrives at his house he sees two bright glowing lights suspended above the forest nearby.
  • UFOs: The Untold Stories: Ep 3
    On 28th January 1994, pilot Jean-Charles Duboc, his co-pilot and an air steward flying an Air France flight from Nice to London see a huge brown object hovering above the outskirts of Paris. Unidentified objects are witnessed flying over the quiet provincial town of Evora, Portugal in 1959. The headmaster of a school grabs a telescope and sees something that seems to "undulate" like a "jellyfish". Danish files reveal two very similar UFO encounters that occur in Denmark some 25 years apart. In both cases a lone driver experiences electrical problems with their car before the engine cuts out and an intense bright light appears above them.
  • UFOs: The Untold Stories: Ep 4
    10th September, 1990. In the rural, Portuguese town of Alfena, a group of children on their way to school spot a shiny, metallic object with legs hovering 50 metres off the ground. 14th-25th September 1952 - the full force of NATO's air and sea power is in the waters around northwestern Europe, simulating a Soviet invasion of Western Europe for a training exercise called "Operation Mainbrace". Numerous military personnel taking part witness a series of UFOs flying over aircraft carriers and trailing aircraft coming into land. In 2001, a power blackout plunges a tiny Romanian village into darkness. When residents go outside to investigate, a red UFO appears in the sky and emits rotating curtains of light across the village.
  • UFOs: The Untold Stories: Ep 5
    In 1946, nearly a thousand strange objects are seen flying through the skies of Sweden. Despite many being witnessed crashing into lakes, and a thorough government investigation, not a single piece of debris was ever found. In 1982, a Portuguese Air Force pilot is circled by a UFO at over 1500 meters for nearly 30 minutes. The incident launched one of the biggest UFO investigations in Portuguese military history. A journalist uncovers an extraordinary UFO 'mass-sighting' of strange luminous phenomena in a remote Italian village.
  • UFOs: The Untold Stories: Ep 6
    8th September 1970: the height of the Cold War. American pilot Capt. Schaffner is scrambled to intercept an unidentified target over the North Sea and disappears without trace. When his aircraft is discovered, the cockpit is closed but his body has vanished. In 2004, in a small fishing village on the island of Sicily, a series of unexplained incidents take place… one after another. A fisherman witnesses a mysterious, unidentified, red light that flies up from the water. Other local residents also report UFOs sightings in the area. But the UFO sightings were just the start of a bizarre and frightening set of events that took place in and around the village of Canneto di Caronia. RAF Pilot, Sargent Hughes encounters an UFO on a routine training flight over Germany in 1952. Despite flying with three other planes he is the only one to witness the object. His colleagues mock him and dismiss his sighting as a flight of fancy, as a joke they paint a flying saucer on his aeroplane saying "Saucer Sam".
  • UFOs: The Untold Stories: Ep 7
    On August 18, 1985, 4 civilian pilots are flying back from an air show when they notice a silver missile shaped object coming towards them and passing underneath their plane. They turn around and try to keep up with the object but it is too fast for them. They report the sighting, but no conclusive answers were found. On January 8th, 1981, a man working in a field reported seeing a strange object land in his field. Shortly afterwards, the object took off. He noticed marks on the ground where he thought the object had landed and decided to report what he had seen. Despite investigations, no definite explanation was reached. From late 1989 to Spring 1990, thousands of people across Belgium reported sightings of 3 lights in a triangular formation, moving across the sky. The lights were seen over cities and in the countryside, and even sparked a scramble of Air Force F-16 jets to investigate.