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  • Premieres Thursday December 11th at 10pm, 9pm BKK/JKT
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Ultimate Airport Dubai 2 has unprecedented access to the world’s busiest airport for international passengers, the home of Emirates, one of the world’s largest airlines. The series will go behind the scenes to follow some of the 60,000 staff responsible for 75 million passengers on 350,000 flights a year, 24 hours a day.


  • Ultimate Airport Dubai S2: Episode 1
    During the night-time rush hour, Air Traffic Controller George Perkins gets the call all controllers dread: a plane needs to make an emergency landing at Dubai after an engine shutdown. He has to clear the runway and scramble the emergency services for a landing that could shutter the airport. Airport Services Manager Mel Sabharwal is called in to find out why a transit passenger has live snakes in her bag. In preparation for an ambitious programme of runway repairs, Jumah Al-Mazrooie inspects the overspill airport and finds dangerous debris, storm drains full of sand, and a CCTV system that isn't working. Customs Officers detain a suspicious passenger and find 14kg of heroin secreted in the lining of his suitcase. And Carl Perkins has to avoid damaging expensive cars while loading them into a plane's cargo hold.
  • Ultimate Airport Dubai S2: Episode 2
    Firefighters rush to the aid of a 777 full of passengers that touches down with smoking landing gear; a man loses his son in the world's biggest airport terminal just minutes before their plane is due to depart; two passengers arrive at Customs with bags stuffed full of the most expensive wood in the world; staff at the airport's exclusive VIP Service prepare for the arrival of footballing legend Pele; and the airport engineering team gears up for a construction project that will put the whole airport's operation and reputation on the line.
  • Ultimate Airport Dubai S2: Episode 3
    A new plane park has been created to house a fleet of Boeing 777s during the airport's 80 day, billion dollar runway upgrade project, but there is a massive slope to get in and out of it. Pushback Operator Mark Dearden's skills are put to the test as he finds out if he can tow a 300 ton plane down the entry slope without careering out of control. Customs Officers find five huge packages hidden in the bottom of a passenger's luggage. If the powder inside tests positive for heroin, it'll be the biggest drugs haul at the airport in 10 years. And Line Maintenance Engineer Andy Tetley is called onto a plane with a defunct air conditioning system and a temperature of over 110 degrees. He has only a few hours to find out what is wrong and cool it down before it's due to take off.
  • Ultimate Airport Dubai S2: Episode 4
    Customs find half a million dollars' worth of crystal meth in the luggage of a passenger from Ghana. A pigeon delays an Emirates flight at Manchester, and dozens of passengers may not make their tight connections in Dubai. On the ramp, missing cargo sets ground dispatch back as they race to get a flight out on time. A serious fault with a windshield leads to the grounding of a 777, and Dubai International Airport begins work on its billion dollar, 80 day runway rehabilitation project.
  • Ultimate Airport Dubai S2: Episode 5
    An Emirates Line Maintenance engineer has an hour to fix a water pump on a Boeing 777 or it won't be able to depart - potentially disrupting the airline's whole network. A team of cargo dispatchers have to load a massive 11 ton plane engine through a tight cargo hatch - which could cause costly damage to the multi-million dollar engine, or the 300 million dollar plane. In 4 days' time the airport will start 80 days refurbishment on its runways. Today sees the inspection of a crucial parking overspill area. Unless the area is clear of dangerous construction debris, and a 300 ton plane can be towed safely down & up the taxiway, it won't pass - delaying the massive refurbishment programme.
  • Ultimate Airport Dubai S2: Episode 6
    In this episode, an incoming aircraft with a hydraulics problem threatens to bring every flight to a halt; 40,000 thousand feet above a virtual Dubai, two trainee A380 pilots simulate an almost identical emergency; an inspection of the upgraded Southern runway delays the re-opening - bad news for the airport's billion dollar engineering programme and recording artist Cat Stevens is at risk of missing a crucial flight to New York to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, all because of a computer problem at the Departure Gate.
  • Ultimate Airport Dubai S2: Episode 7
    In this episode, it's a day of firsts at the airport. For the first time ever, both runways are being closed back to back, in a billion-dollar reconstruction programme. We follow them on the first day of the North Runway closure, which has come off the back of almost a month of work on the South Runway. Also for the first time, Emirates Airlines bring in the first Airbus A380 that they bought six years ago, for a thorough maintenance check. We'll see the aircraft put up on jacks, engines being stripped and the cabin gutted. Meanwhile, trainee Hamid prepares to begin his first ever solo push-back of a heavily laden jet plane, and Mel Sabharwal encounters a passenger travelling with a fake passport, who tries to outfox her by dodging her questions.
  • Ultimate Airport Dubai S2: Episode 8
    During the night Customs Officer Mustafa Ahmed pulls over a man who has a suitcase full of white shirts. The Mobile Drug testing unit discovers a huge $135000 worth of cocaine hidden in the lining of the shirts. Ground Dispatcher Carl Knight is faced with a multitude of problems on a flight to Afghanistan that is parked three miles away from the terminal and no containers to put luggage in. A small additional compartment doesn't have all the correct netting in place to hold bags, forcing half the flight's luggage to be left behind. Space is at a premium at Dubai International, so the test of a spare parking bay for $330 million plane better succeed. Airside Projects Manager Laura Brannigan needs it to be ready in three days' time but the test shows up a critical error. The rapid response team of Emirates Line Maintenance engineers are called out to a delayed flight bound for Prague. Its cargo won't go into the hold. Engineer Zo Ammoury battles against the clock to find out why, while the Network control Centre prepare for the worst case scenario - offloading everyone off the flight altogether. Experienced pilots Dave Story and Rory Smith reach the final hurdle of their bid to fly one of the world's biggest passenger planes - the A380. Not one but two engine failures mid-air, an electrical fault and even a smoke-filled cock pit test the pilots to the max.
  • Ultimate Airport Dubai S2: Episode 9
    Customs are suspicious of a man carrying uncut diamonds in his luggage. A cargo of racehorses from France pose a logistical challenge when the transporting equipment gets jammed. A suspected cardiac arrest aboard an incoming flight causes a medical teams to scramble. Network Control must find a replacement plane in time to reschedule a flight to Nice.



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