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National Geographic Society
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  • Continues Monday August 4th at 11pm, 10pm BKK/JKT
  • National Geographic Channel


4 teams. 2,000 miles. The ultimate wilderness. This survival competition aims to answer the question who is Alaska's ultimate survivor?


  • Ultimate Survival Alaska 2: Back For Blood
    On the first leg of the thirteen-leg competition, four teams battle their way to the summit of Mount Gerdine.
  • Ultimate Survival Alaska 2: Deadly Descent
    Dropped near the top of a mountain, four teams are provided with skis, snowboards and climbing rope to make their own way down the mountain.
  • Ultimate Survival Alaska 2: Crash Course
    On leg three, the teams have a choice of transportation between dog sleds, skis, snowshoes and pack rafts to reach the next extraction.
  • Ultimate Survival Alaska 2: Water Torture
    On leg four, the teams travel by land and water as they charge toward the extraction LZ on an ocean inlet.
  • Ultimate Survival Alaska 2: Devil's Due
    Riding on the historic Alaskan Railroad, the teams are inserted into a remote river valley.
  • Ultimate Survival Alaska 2: Going Rogue
    In leg six teams are inserted into the heart of Alaskan gold country.
  • Ultimate Survival Alaska 2: Live Before You Die
    The teams begin leg seven on the remote tundra in the shadow of Mount McKinley and discover a cache of vehicles to take across the region.
  • Ultimate Survival Alaska 2: Savage Waters
    On the eighth leg, the teams are dropped on the banks of the Tazlina River to battle the treacherous river with their handmade rafts.
  • Ultimate Survival Alaska 2: Kodiak Killers
    Dropped on Kodiak Island, the hunters become the hunted as teams face their fiercest challenge yet: Kodiak brown bears.
  • Ultimate Survival Alaska 2: Covert Ops
    On leg ten, the teams continue their adventure on Kodiak Island, this time, with the choice of traveling by land or by sea.
  • Ultimate Survival Alaska 2: Long Way Down
    Dropped high in the Alaska Range, the teams must descend a 2,000-foot mountain and cross a crevasse-laden glacier to reach the LZ at Beluga Lake.
  • Ultimate Survival Alaska 2: Knockout Punch
    With just two legs to go, the pressure’s on to snag one of the few remaining wins and the teams can’t afford to make any mistakes.
  • Ultimate Survival Alaska 2: Final Gauntlet
    Beaten down after weeks in the Alaskan backcountry, the teams brace for one last battle: treacherous glaciers, volatile rivers and perilous mountains.