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    • Underwater Oasis show

      Underwater Oasis

      An underwater metropolis exists not far away from the Southern tip of the continent.

    • Aliwal Shoal show

      Aliwal Shoal

      The ocean is a treasure trove of hidden secrets of great riches lost from sight below her vast surface. The ocean is a...

    • Undersea Life show

      Undersea Life

      An assortment of marine life rarely seen before.

    • The Aghulas current show

      The Aghulas current

      At Aliwal the first season visitors are sand sharks.

    • Life at Aliwal show

      Life at Aliwal

      Aliwal is the result of thousands of years of geological transformation, that continues to this day. Every year during winter...

    • Underwater battle show

      Underwater battle

      For all its beauty, Aliwal is still a wilderness, governed by the strict laws of nature.