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Hot guns; human cargo; back street gambling; bad pharma; fake brands; outlaw sex. Tax free; c.o.d. the black market can be brutal, exploitative, corrupt. Nothing is off-limits; everything is for sale. And what you buy may not be what it seems. But it puts $625 billion into the US economy every year.  No one has ever before gained access to the inner workings of this last bastion of ‘free’ enterprise. Until now. Underworld, Inc. charts a global path to talk to those at the sharp end of the underworld economy. Workers, suppliers, sellers, customers – and the law enforcement trying to keep it in check - share their experience of a hidden world that touches us all.


  • Underworld, Inc.: Human Cargo
    For illegal migrants crossing from Mexico to the US, threats come not just from the border patrol and the desert, but also from human traffickers.
  • Underworld, Inc.: Moonshine Mayhem
    Let’s explore America's Moonshine and illegal liquor black market.
  • Underworld, Inc.: Ghost Guns
    Many criminals are after the untraceable ghost gun, which is an exact replica that was never legitimate and has no ballistic record until it’s fired.
  • Underworld, Inc.: Car Jackers
    Gangs are working together to steal cars. They get the cars out of state, and then via corrupt shippers, overseas.
  • Underworld, Inc.: Illegal Gambling
    Millions of people love to gamble. But some forms of gambling are restricted or illegal, pushing them underground, where the rules are very different.
  • Underworld, Inc.: The Organ Trade
    The demand for kidney outstrips the supply, creating a shady underworld of mercenary brokers, middlemen and corrupt doctors.
  • Underworld, Inc.: Sex For Sale
    Take a look inside the illegal sex trade where pimps treat women as commodities, bought and sold, used and abused, then discarded.
  • Underworld, Inc.: The Money Laundry
    Follow the dirty drug dollars from American trap houses to wholesalers and transporters, funneling billions into Mexico’s money laundering cycle.
  • Underworld, Inc.: Fake Pharma
    Go inside the underground economy of knockoff pharma as the cops crack down on the trade, and the consequences are deadly.
  • Underworld, Inc.: Pirates
    From cell phones to guns, cargo thieves cost the American economy over $30 billion a year. But closing a sale requires a good connection.
  • Underworld, Inc.: Fracking Hell
    In Williston, North Dakota, an oil mining boom has brought tens of thousands of blue-collared workers to this once sleepy town.
  • Underworld, Inc.: Knock-Offs
    Anything and everything can be faked: watches, pocket books, trainers, electronics, smart phones.
  • Underworld, Inc.: Las Vegas Hustle
    Criminals across America make a beeline for the casinos of Las Vegas. To defend themselves, casinos have become crime-fighting organizations.
  • Underworld, Inc.: The Black Market
    Fueled by the huge demand for luxury goods, cargo thieves stop at nothing to get their product into the black market. But police are closing in.