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  • Premieres Wednesday December 24th at 7:45pm, 6:45pm BKK/JKT
  • Nat Geo Wild

    • Leopard in the City show

      Leopard in the City

      Big cat tracker Boone Smith ventures into the heart of Mumbai to uncover why leopards roam the city streets.

    • Explosion of Bats show

      Explosion of Bats

      Boone Smith rappels off the side of a bridge in Austin, Texas into a swarm of a million plus bats.

    • Thieving Baboons show

      Thieving Baboons

      Tracker Boone Smith ventures to an African border crossing where baboons burglarize cars in search of food.

    • Chernobyl Wolf Pack show

      Chernobyl Wolf Pack

      Wolves have reclaimed the desolate radioactive city of Chernobyl and now rule this poisoned land.

    • 400 Pound Houseguest show

      400 Pound Houseguest

      Tracker Boone Smith crawls under a home in Lake Tahoe where he encounters a 400lb black bear.

    • Kangaroo Utopia show

      Kangaroo Utopia

      Kangaroos battle for control over an endless supply of females, grass and water on one of Australia's wildest golf courses.