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    • Photo Ark Promo show

      Photo Ark Promo

      Journey with Sartore across the globe as he seeks to save these creatures by getting people to "look these animals in the eye...

    • Fresh Croc Eggs show

      Fresh Croc Eggs

      In a dangerous attempt, crocodile eggs are taken from a nest for examination.

    • Dog in the Outback show

      Dog in the Outback

      Naish, the dog, comes face-to-face with a water python.

    • It’s Just Fishing show

      It’s Just Fishing

      A pod of sperm whales enters the fishing net and starts eating the school of fish.

    • Clean as a Whistle show

      Clean as a Whistle

      The crew must quickly determine if the herring have feed in their stomachs, otherwise they must release the catch

    • Largest Venomous Snake show

      Largest Venomous Snake

      Matt encounters Borneo’s deadly king cobra.

    • Cattle Ranching show

      Cattle Ranching

      This wrangler uses a helicopter to direct mobs of cattle.

    • Wild Croc Catch show

      Wild Croc Catch

      Follow a crocodile from a dangerous catch to a release in the ocean.

    • A New Way Of Poaching show

      A New Way Of Poaching

      Journalist Bryan Christy goes on patrol with Garamba park rangers to investigate and entirely new and dangerous method of...

    • Q&A With Bryan Christy show

      Q&A With Bryan Christy

      The investigative journalist discusses his charge to give a voice to the voiceless, exposing the wildlife trafficking problem...

    • Mantis Shrimp Strikes Back show

      Mantis Shrimp Strikes Back

      A jet-propelled octopus closes in on a peacock mantis shrimp, leaving the shrimp with nowhere to hide.

    • A Killer Pod show

      A Killer Pod

      The killer whale has teamwork and strategic attack down to a fine art. Like a wolf pack, the family pod attacks a whale.

    • Deadly Buffalo show

      Deadly Buffalo

      Two bulls face off in a fierce battle.

    • Destabilizing Stabilizer show

      Destabilizing Stabilizer

      The stabilizer has broken off and the crew must hook it before it punches a hole in the boat.

    • 5 Things You Need to Know About the Ivory Trade show

      5 Things You Need to Know About the Ivory Trade

      Elephants are on a path to extinction. Investigative journalist Bryan Christy discusses the key factors surrounding the...

    • Giant Crocodile show

      Giant Crocodile

      A giant male crocodile is caught near a village.

    • Releasing Croc show

      Releasing Croc

      What’s more dangerous than capturing crocodiles? Releasing them.

    • Trailer: Warlords of Ivory show

      Trailer: Warlords of Ivory

      Follow veteran investigative reporter Bryan Christy on his daring journey to track and expose the illegal global ivory trade.

    • Breaking Wild Horses show

      Breaking Wild Horses

      Meet Lightening, a wild stallion who learns to trust humans.

    • Looking at an Elephant's Big Brain show

      Looking at an Elephant's Big Brain

      The elephant brain is around three times bigger than a human’s.