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    • Inside Singapore Airlines show

      Inside Singapore Airlines

    • Churchill's German Army show

      Churchill's German Army

      The Allied victory of WW2 was helped along by a small group of unlikely soldiers – the Germans and Austrians who joined the...

    • Experience Trailer show

      Experience Trailer

      Beaming smiles and exciting smiles. Check out where next we go.

    • Jeremy & Christine - Culture Vultures show

      Jeremy & Christine - Culture Vultures

      We’re part of Emirates cabin crew, and when we travel we want to be immersed in the local culture. Adventure for us...

    • Shahab - Foodie show

      Shahab - Foodie

      In my everyday life, I’m an IT project manager at Emirates. But food is my passion. Follow me as I try new tastes around...

    • Tamara - Adventurer show

      Tamara - Adventurer

      My love of adventure and trying new experiences began when I first studied abroad. Now I’m unstoppable, always pushing my...

    • Nimeet - Music Lover show

      Nimeet - Music Lover

      I work for the Emirates reservations department in Mumbai, and music is my passion.When you travel, you learn about the music...

    • Rahed - Thrill Seeker show

      Rahed - Thrill Seeker

      I crave adrenaline and I love extreme sports. At work, I’m a cabin crew training specialist. But in my own time, I’m...

    • Ashley - Fashionista show

      Ashley - Fashionista

      You might not guess it, but I’m an Emirates pilot. I’m also a girly girl who’s into fashion. I’ll take you around...